Infallible Proofs


This book is not a republication of the book issued in 1913 under the title of Revelations in Our Times. It is true that some of the contents of said publication are embraced in the following collection.

There never was a book published but what contained something in common with some other books, if not with every other book.

What follows is addressed to the Saints and is for saints and not for sinners. Its mission is not to convert, but to confirm. It is not a trail blazer, but the hollyhock at the settler's cabin window. It should not be handed to the unconvinced investigator. Paul suggests that some were justly restricted to milk while others were entitled to meat.

Keep this volume in its proper domain, and it will thrill the bosoms of thousands of the little flock, impart to them new courage, and it will do harm to no one.

This book is not, properly, a church publication, and the church is not responsible therefor. Neither is the church committed to but a few of the communications of which it is composed, such, e.g., as the visions of Joseph the Seer, which we have included; although the most of them have appeared in our church periodicals, as you will notice, from which we collect them. Instead of the church authorizing this procedure, resolution 709, adopted in 1913, is opposed to it--just as resolution 377 is against card playing and dancing--just as resolution 1834 and 1837 put either fellowship, or office of a word of wisdom violator, in jeopardy.

—The Compiler