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Dear Brother:

Yours the 6th ult. is received and puplished [published] in this No. It contains so many questions, that I have thought I would let every man answer for himself; as it would occupy a larger space to answer all of them than would be proper to devote at this time. When I look at the world as it is, and view men as they are, I am not much surprised that they oppose the truth as many, perhaps, and indend [indeed], the more I see the less I marvel on this subject. To talk of heavenly communications, angels' visits, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, now, since the apostles have fallen asleep, and men interpret the word of God without the aid of either the Spirit or angels, is a novel thing among the wise, and a piece of blasphemy among the craft-men. But so it is, and it is wisdom that it should be so, because the Holy Spirit does not dwell in unholy temples, nor angels reveal the great work of God to hypocrites.

You will notice in my last, on rehearsing the words of the angel, where he communicated to our brother-that his sins were forgiven, and that he was called of the Lord to bring to light, by the gift of inspiration, this important intelligence, an item like the following-"God had chosen the foolish things of the world, and things which are despised, God has chosen;" &c. This, I conceive to be an important item-Not many mighty and noble were called in ancient times, because they always knew so much that God could not teach them; and a man that would listen to the voice of the Lord and follow the teachings of heaven, always was despised, and considered to be of the foolish class-Paul proves this fact, when he says, "We are made as the filth of the world-the off-scouring of all things unto this day."

I am aware, that a rehearsal of visions of angels at this day, is as inconsistent with a portion of mankind as it formerly was, after all the boast of the wise generation in the knowledge of the truth; but there is a uniformity so complete, that on the reflection, one is led to rejoice that it is so.

In my last I gave an imperfect description of the angel, and was obliged to do so, for the reason, that my pen would fail to describe an angel in his glory, or the glory of God. I also gave a few sentences which he uttered on the subject of the gathering of Israel, &c. Since writing the former, I have thought it would, perhaps, be interesting to give something more full on this important subject, as well as a revelation of the gospel. That these holy personages should feel a deep interest in the accomplishment of the glorious purposes of the Lord, in his work in the last days, is consistent when we view critically what is recorded of their sayings in the holy scriptures.

You will remember to have read in Daniel-"And at that time, [the last days] shall Michael stand up, the great prince, who stands for the children of thy people;" and also in Revelations-"I am thy fellow-servant, and of thy brethren the prophets." Please compare these sayings with that singular expresion [expression] in Heb. "Are they [angels] not all ministering Spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" And then let me ask nine questions first.

Are the angels now in glory, the former prophets and servants of God? Secondly: Are they brethren of those who keep his commandments on earth? and thirdly; have brethren and fleshly kindred, in the kingdom of God, feelings of respect and condescension enough to speak to each other, though one may be in heaven and the other on the earth?

Fourthly: If angels are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation will they not minister for those heirs? and fifthly if they do will any one know it?

Sixthly: Will Michael, the archangel, the great prince stand up in the

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last days for Israel? Seventhly: will he defend them from their enemies? Eightly will he lead them, as they were once lead; and ninthly, if so will he be seen? These questions I leave without answering, because the reasoning [the reasoning] is so plain, and so many might be brought, that, they must be at hand in the heart and mind of every saint. But to the gospel, and then to the gathering.

The great plan of redemption being prepared before the fall of man, and the salvation of the human family being as precious in the sight of the Lord at one time as at another, before the Messiah came in the flesh and was crucified, as after the gospel was preached, and many were found obedient to the same. This gospel being the same from the begining [beginning], its ordinances were also unchangeable.-Men were commanded to repent and be baptized by water in the name of the Lord: and were then blessed with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit being thus given, men were enabled to look forward to the time of the coming of the Son of Man, and to rejoice in that day because through that sacrifice they looked for a remission of their sins, and for their redemption.

Had it not been for this plan of salvation, which God devised before the fall: man must have remained miserable forever, after transgressing the first commandment, because in consequence of that transgression he had rendered himself unworthy the presence of his Maker. He being therefore cast out, the gospel was preached and this hope of eternal life was set before him; by the ministering of angels who delivered it as they were commanded.

Not only did the ancients look forward to the time of the coming of the Messiah in the flesh, with delight, but there was another day for which they prayed. Knowing, as they did, that the fall had brought upon them death and that man was sensual and evil, they longed for a day when the earth might again rest, and appear as in the beginning-when evil might be unknown upon its face, and all creation enjoy one undisturbed peace for a thousand years.

This being sought for in faith, it pleased the Lord to covenant with them to roll on his purposes until he should bring it to pass-and though many generations were to be gathered to their fathers, yet the righteous, those who should in their lives, embrace the gospel, and live obedient to his requirements, rise and inherit it during this reign of peace.

From time to time the faithful servants of the Lord have endeavered [endeavored] raise up a people who should be found worthy to inherit this rest, (for it was called the rest of the righteous or the day of the Lord's rest, prepared for the righteous;) but were not able to sanctify them that they could endure the presence of the Lord, excepting Enoch, who with his people, for their righteousness, were taken into heaven, with a promise that they should yet see that day when the whole earth should be covered with glory.

Moses labored diligently to effect this object, but in consequence of the transgressions and rebellions of the children of Israel, God swore in his wrath that they should not enter into his rest; and in consequence of this decree, and their transgressions since, they have been scattered to the four winds, and are thus to remain til the Lord gathers them in by his own power.

To a remnant of them the gospel was preached by the Messiah in person, but they rejected his volce [voice] though it was raised daily among them. The apostles continued to hold forth the same; after the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, until they would hear it no longer; and then they were commanded to turn to the gentiles.

They however labored faithfully to turn that people from error; that they might be the happy partakers of mercy, and save themselves from the impending storm that hung over them. They were commanded to preach Jesus Christ night and day; to preach through him the resurrection from the dead-to declare that all who would embrace the gospel, repent, and be baptized for the remission of their sins, should be saved-to declare that this was the only sure foundation on which they could build and be safe-that God had again visited his people in consequence of his covenant with their fathers, and that if they would they might be the first who should receive

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these glad tidings and have the unspeakable joy of carrying the same to all people; for before the day of rest comes, it must go to all nations, kindreds and tongues.

But in consequence of their rejecting the gospel, the Lord suffered them to be again scattered; their land to be wasted and their beautiful city be trodden down of the Gentiles, until their time should be fulfilled.

In the last days, to fulfill the promises to the ancient prophets, when the Lord is to pour out his Spirit upon all flesh, he has determined to bring to light his gospel, to the Gentiles, that it may go to the house of Israel.-This gospel has been perverted and men have wandered in darkness.-That commission given to the apostles at Jerusalem, so easy to be understood, has been hid from the world, because of evil, and the honest have been lead by the designing, till there are none to be found who are practicing the ordinances of the gospel, as they were anciently delivered.

But the time has now arrived, in which according to his covenants, the Lord will manifest [to ?] the faithful that he is the same today and forever, and that the cup of suffering of his people, the house of Israel, is nearly fulfilled; and that the way may be prepared before their face he will bring to the knowledge of the people the gospel as it was preached by his servants on this land, and manifest to the obedient the truth of the same, by the power of the Holy Spirit; for the time is near when his sons and daughters will prophesy, old men dream dreams, and young men see visions, and those who are thus favored will be such as embrace the gospel as it was delivered in old times, and they shall be blessed with signs following.

Farther on the subject of the gathering of Israel. This was perfectly understood by all the ancient prophets. Moses prophesied of the affliction which should come upon that people even after the coming of the Messiah, where he said: and evil will befall you in the latter days; because ye will do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger through the work of your hands. Connecting this with a prophecy in the song which follows: which was given to Moses in the tabernacle-Remembering the expression-"in the latter days"-where the Lord foretels [foretells] all their evil, and their being received to mercy, to such as seek the peace of Israel much instruction may be gained. It is as follows:-

"I will heap mischiefs upon them; I will spend my arrows upon them.-They shall be burnt with hunger and devoured with burning heat: I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with a poison of serpents of the dust. The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin, the suckling with the man of gray hairs."

But after all this, he will judge their enemies and avenge them of theirs for he says:

"If I whet my glittering sword, and my hand take hold on judgement [judgment], I will render vengeance to my enemies and will reward them that hate me. I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh."

After all this-after Israel has been restored, and afflicted and his enemies have also been chastised, the Lord; says: Rejoice, O ye nations, with his people: for he will avenge the blood of his servants, and will render vengeance to his adversaries, and will be merciful unto his land and to his people."

I will give a further detail of the promises to Israel, hereafter, as rehearsed by the angel. Accept assurances of my esteem as ever. C.


There is nothing which gives greater peace and satisfaction to the mind than clear views on the gospel; to understand it correctly is to understand the will of God to men, and to put a person in possession of truths which will guard him against the various impositions which have been imposed on the world, at one period of it and another; and to give him power to become extensively acquainted with God, as well as the heavenly worlds. But it is necessary in order to a clear understanding of the gospel, that we should have a correct understanding of its origin, and of its progress among men; for without this knowledge, we

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are liable to be led into darkness, and all the glory of the gospel be hid from our eyes.

Let me here observe, that whatever the gospel was, it now is, and ever will be, that it has not nor will it change: its laws are the same; its ordinances are the same; its institutions are the same; its commands are the same, and its regulations are the same, whatever it required of one man in order to obtain eternal life, it required of all men, and that in every age of the world, and will require the same until all shall be gathered that will be gathered, and those who have obeyed its requisitions enter into the rest, which God has prepared for them. And it is not only the same yesterday, to-day, and forever, and changes not: but it is the only scheme of things by which any portion of the human family has been, or will be saved; for it is only by virtue of the gospel that salvation was ever proclaimed among men, from first to last; for by it life and immortality came to light; so says Paul, 2d Timothy 1:15, and as the knowledge of life and immortality is essential to salvation, it is easily seen, that there could be no salvation without the gospel, and not only without the gospel, but without the knowledge of it also; for how could a man have faith in that of which he never heard.

Seeing then, that life and immortality came to light by the gospel, and without the knowledge of life and immortality no person could be saved; there can no difficulty exist on the minds of any of the human family, unless they create one where none really exists as to the time the gospel was promulgated to man; it must have been promulgated as early as life and immortality was known, and they were known ever since the time that salvation was proclaimed among the family of man; for salvation is a matter of faith, and faith cannot exist in relation to it without hearing the word of the Lord, for it is by hearing the word of the Lord, that faith in relation to salvation comes. As far back then as we date salvation, so far back we date the proclamation of the gospel to man; and it must be so unless it can be proven that God had more ways than one of aving [saving] mankind, and to do this Paul must be refuted, for he says that the plan which he proclaimed was before the foundation of the world, and that no other foundation could any man lay than that which is laid, which is Christ Jesus, and Peter says that there is no other name given under heaven among men, by which they can be saved but in the name of Christ Jesus.

May we not reason a little upon this subject. Let us ask then, what was the most important thing which God could communicate to his creature man? The answer is, the thing which would save him; if God ever at any time condescended to speak to man, there can no good reason be shewn [shown] why he did not communicate to him the things which were of the greatest consequence to him, and as God always acts according to reason and never against it we may conclude that he did declare unto man the gospel or the way by which he was to be saved: but what would be very strange would be that there should be a great number of persons saved in the earlier ages of the world, and yet not know how they were saved, be saved in ignorance! It would be equally as strange that prophets such as Enoch for instance, the seventh from Adam, could prophesy of the second coming of Christ and of his judging the world, and yet not know of his first coming and of his dying for the world. And what would be stranger still would be, that men could be saved by faith, and yet never hear, nor know, of the way of salvation through the blood of the Lamb. This would be believing without hearing, and being saved without understanding, and having faith without hearing the word of God, or in other words it would be believing on him of whom they had not heard, or else it would be hearing without a preacher, and if it were any of these things, it would put the shame on all the sacred writers, and expose them to just ridicule. But while it is written in the pages of the divine oracles, that salvation is of faith, and men cannot have faith in a being of whom they have not heard, nor hear without one to tell them, or a preacher, and that life and immortality came to light by the gospel, and that Abel was a prophet, and that Enoch the seventh from Adam was translated, and that

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God saves men by the gospel and nothing else, for whatever will save men is gospel; so long as it will be believed by every thinking man that, the gospel was made known to the ancients as well as to us. But what seems to put the matter at rest as relates to the antiquity of the gospel proclamation is, that the apostle Paul says that the gospel which he proclaimed, or what was to the same effect, that the scheme of things which he taught, was devised before the foundation of the world, and that it was God's fixed purpose to save men in that way or by that plan and none other; so that if there was salvation at all among the ancients, it was because they had the gospel among them.

There are some other considerations which force the conclusion on the mind, that the ancients had the gospel among them and that is that according to the sacred record the fruits of it abounded among them as far back as to the days of Abel. If we inquire what are the things which attend the gospel┐ we will find that prophecying [prophesying] was one thing, and we are told that Abel was a prophet, for the Savior said to the Jews, that the blood of all the prophets should be required at their hands, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zacharias. Mathew [Matthew] 23:34, 35 verses, Enoch was also a prophet; for he foretold of the second advent as recorded by Jude. Who does not know, that when the apostles proclaimed the gospel, they promised to those who received it that they should prophesy, seeing then that prophesying was a fruit of the gospel who can help seeing that it was by virtue of it that men prophesied, we cannot see where there can be a risk in believing that wherever there are or were prophets, there the gospel is, or was, and one strong reason which confirms this belief is that whenever the gospel is lost prophesying is lost also; this generation is all the proof we need on this subject for if we ask why has prophesying ceased in this generation? The answer is, because they have lost the gospel. And not having the gospel, they cannot have the fruits of it; but we see the ancients had the fruits of it, and how could they have the fruits of it and yet not have the gospel? is a question we will leave for those more learned than ourselves to answer.


Mt. Airy, Surry co., N. C. Dec. 15th, 1849.

To the Editor of the Times & Seasons; Fellow labour [laborer] in the dispensation of the fullness of times-

I imbrace [embrace] this opportunity of telling you something about the "Times & Seasons" in this part of our Masters vineyard: undoubtedly, you had concluded that the times must have been very hard with me, or I would have written to you before, giving an account of my success in the ministry; but you very well know, that it is not expedient for those who are pruning the vineyard to trouble you with a detailed report of the Times & Seasons while sowing the good seed among the Gentiles. For the last 17 months I have been laboring in the following counties; viz: Surry, Stokes, Rockingham, and Guilford, in N. C. also in Patrick, Grayson, Wythe, Smith, and Washing, in south western Virgina [Virginia]. Perhaps no part of the United States have heard as many false reports from Mo. as the citizens of the before mentioned counties. During the last two years, the western breezes from Ephraim's lovely plains, have been frequently impregnated with scurilous [scurrilous] reports, and base epithets of the foulest kind against the saints of the Most High; also, some of the upper Mo. land vermins have passed through this country, retailing slander and abuse with a lavish hand; the above, in connection with the various falsehoods from the North, which have been new vamped over by the Rev. D. D's. and put in circulation by their deceptive Editors, who are duly blackening their columns with the most unhallowed falsehoods that ever disgraced civilized society. From the foregoing you can readily see that the enemies of truth in this region of country have been deeply supplied with weapons to fight against the great work of the last days, inhailing [inhaling], as they have, the western air, pregnant with lies, and slanderous reports, a fine (stimulant you know,) for the "heaped up teachers" of the Gentiles, to assist them in saving their sinking craft from irretrievable ruin, its inevitable doom, where ever truth prevails. The priests have coutented [contended] in public against the impenetrable law of God written to Ephraim, until they have become disheartened and have left the field of public investigation clear and undisturbed; They now use a privet [private] influence, threatening their members with excommunication if they listen to the doctrine of the saints. I shall not attempt to describe the course, or conduct of the priests,-a whole Encyclopedia of wit, argument, and abuse would not more than do the subject justice. It sufficeth to say, that all their public exertions have proved abortive and insufficient to prejudice the public mind, and their privet [private] influence is not sufficient to keep the honest in heart from hearing the fulness [fullness] of the gospel as taught in the last days by the servants

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of the Lord, who are unfurling the blood-stained banner among the nations of the earth.

I introduced the gospel into this country in 1838. At that time their had been no preaching (to my knowledge) by the Latter Day Saints within 200 miles of this county. You may well suppose that the people had a great curiosity to hear "the Mormon" preach, so much so, that they came out by hundreds from every direction of the country, inviting me to go east, west, north, and south, and when they found that I could not travel extensive enough on foot to satisfy them, they soon made up a hundred dollars and bought me a horse and equipage, suitable for traveling; my circuit soon become very extensive but I still had 3 requests for preaching, where I could fulfill one. I continued to sow the good seed in various parts of Carolina, and Virgina [Virginia] until the 9th of Oct. I then bid adieu to my hospitable friends and eight saints with whom I was sorry to part. I bent my coups for upper Missouri to visit my parents, and the saints in that region of country. I did not, however, reach upper Missouri before I met some of L. W. Boggs's mob militia returning home: from them I learned in some faint degree, the situation of the saints. I still pursued my course onward, and arrived at Far West on the 12th day of Nov. I there saw a fertile country once rich with the blessings of peace, and industry, but suddenly blackened with the smoke of desolation; and its pure stream reddened with the blood of the saints of the Lord and a wilderness sheltering the widow and orphan.

"In Caldwell forest the night wind was high,

Fast drifted the snow through the bleak winter sky,

And trees, cliffs and mountains were hoary and cold,

The clear waves of her streams congealed as they rolled."

I heard the mother weep, I saw the children cry,

I saw the blooming youth, the tears gushed from his eye,

I saw the priests of Zion, their feet made fast in chains,

I heard her prophets groan, her Virgins sighed in vain.

You are well acquainted with the distress of those days. "To tell it all would take a thousand tongues, a throat of brass, and adamantine lungs." On the 25th of Dec. I left the land of sorrow, of anguish, pain, and wo, in company with my aged parents, and after a journey of three hundred miles, we arrived at my brothers in Knox co. Ill. where we fully realized our expectations.

I tarried in Knox co. until the 12th of May, preaching as often as my health would permit: I baptized but 2 in the co. I attended the Conference at Quincy the last day of May, it was thought best for me to return to N. C. accordingly, I started the next morning, I arrived in Carolina the last of June, and commenced preaching in Surry co. I oon oun d [soon found] that the mind of the public had become very much prejudiced since I left in 1838, but many were yet willing to listen to the truth of heaven. I used every exertion possible to remove prejudice from the minds of the people. I had not been here long before my heart was made to rejoice by the arrival of Elder's S. B. Stoddard and C. Bird, by their assistance much prejudice was removed, although they staid [stayed] but a few weeks, yet I trust that much good will result from their labor. Before they left, some 6 or 8 came forward and was baptized, for the remission of their sins in the name of the Lord Jesus. After Elder's S. and B. left, I continued to hold forth the fulness [fullness] of the gospel in diferent [different] parts of this land. In January, 1840, I had the much desired privilege of meeting with my Br. Elder J. Grant Jr. we have continued to trave [travel] and preach very extensively, having more calls then we could or can possibly fill but few have, as yet, joined the saints. We have, within a few weeks past baptized 10 and 5 more have offered themselves as candidates for baptism, which will increase the number baptized to 40 and hundreds are believing in various parts of our circuit.-The prospect for harvest is at this time more flatering [flattering] than it has ever been. I think that many will ere long be adopted into the kingdom and participate with the saints in the glory of the last days, which may God, in his mercy grant, through Jesus our Saviour [Savior] and friend.


Batavia, N. Y. Feb. 2nd, 1841.

Br. Smith:-

Dear sir, It is with pleasure I take my pen to address you at this time, knowing that the friends of Zion will be glad to hear of the prosperity of the cause of truth in this land. The cause of God is onward in these regions: many have beleived [believed] and obeyed the truth and hundreds of others are saying "tell us more about these things" and the Lord is working like himself, a wonder working God; his councils of old are faithfulness and truth. It is a little over one year since I began to labor in this region during which time I have babtized [baptized] near 100, and the foundation is now began for a great ingathering of souls through this country, there having been some baptized in various towns, and the work still progressing. There is now more calls for preaching within 30 miles of this place, than ten faithful elders could fill. Elder Alonzo L. Baron has been with me in this region since last harvest, but intends to be in Nauvoo at the April conference. He has been Preaching in Attica and other places, and has become quite useful in the ministry and will, (if faithful)

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in a short time become mighty in pulling down the strong holds of satan and erecting the kingdon [kingdom] of God among many people. We have ordained some, which you will learn by the minutes of the conference below, who are about to begin to magnify their calling.

During last harvest I introduced the gospel into Batavia village. I preached 7 times in the court-house to attentive audiences, composed of many of the first men in the place and others from the country round about, this served to break down much of the prejudice through this country; since then, we have had access to many neighborhoods through this region, and many are believing in almost every direction, and the Lord works with us, and confirms the word with signs following them that believe. For they speak with new tongues, and interpret them, many sick are healed, and even the deaf are made to hear, and the dumb to speak. About two months since I baptized a man by the name of Shamp and wife, now residing in the village of Batavia, who had a daughter about six years old that was deaf and dumb, since then through the laying on of hands and the anointing with oil, in the name of the Lord-she has been perfectly restored to hearing, and is beginning to talk; this has caused a great excitement, many come from various towns to see the person upon whom this great miracle has been wrought, and to enquire [inquire] of her parents concerning it while the enemies of truth are doing their utmost to make people believe that no miracle has been wrought, some have offered to swear that the child is deaf and dumb still, and others assert that the child began to hear and speak before the Mormons ever saw it; thus like the false witness that came against Christ-their testimony does not agree together, but the parents of the child, (like the parents of him that was blind) testifies (and their testomony [testimony] is backed by many of their neighbors both in the church and out) "this is our child, and she was both deaf and dumb, when we embraced 'Mormonism,' but now she both hears and speaks."

I held a debate in Attica about two weeks since with David Marks, the Freewill Baptist champion: the question was "is Mormonism of divine origen [origin] or is it an imposition?" The debate continued one day and a half and two evenings, and though the congregation was none of them members of our church, but mostly Freewill Baptists, yet the decision was given in my favor, both by the moderators and the congregation: many are believing there, and I expect some will be baptized, this week.

I would say further, there is a great call for Books of Mormon here: had I one hundred I could dispose of them all in a short time, and also the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, and Hymn Books.

I am &c. Your Brother in Christ-CHARLES THOMPSON.

Pekin, Tenn. 3nd Ferbuary [3rd February] 1841.

Messrs. Smith & Robinson,


Through the kindness of my brother, and by a well directed turn of divine Prvidence [providence], I have been favoared [favored] with the reception of the Book of Mormon, the doctrine and Covenants of the church of the Latter Day Saints, the Voice of Warning and instruction to all people , also the 1st Volume of the Times and Seasons, all of which I have perused with wonder and admiration, with wonder because I discover there is no such a Book in existance [existence] as the "Mormon Bible" no society by the name of "Mormons" whose members disbelieve or reject the common version of the Old and New testament, and that the Book of Mormon has never been placed by those who believe it in the place of the sacred scriptures; indeed I was amazed, when I discovered that all this, and much more was misrepresented, therefore I say, I read with wonder and admiration.

I have been in possession of the Book of Mormon about sixteen months, have read it attentively, I find that it not only brings to light things that have been dark and mysterious and puzzled thousands for years, but it abundantly corroborates and bears testimony of the truth of the bible, and the book of Covenants I discover contains items of the religion which the Latter Day saints profess to believe, also principales [principles] for the

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regulation of the church which seems to have been given by revelation since, as well as before, its organization, this seems to be very appropriate and not at all in contradiction with the scriptures. The Voice of Warning I think contains nothing but plain truth and sound reason, but alas! alas! when I read in the Times and Seasons of the persecution of the church of Latter Day Saints, I am struck with astonishment to think of such horrid and bloody persecution in our land of boasted liberty, and in the midst of christnedom [christendom]; good Lord! is blood and slaughter the religion of the Prince of Peace? what! to see a bloody mob, headed by a band of men denominating themselves the ministers of the gospel, marching forth with sword in hand, taking the lives of innocent men, women and children, in order to maintain their religion, instead of maintaining it by the sword of truth, and power of the word of God: Ah! but their craft is in danger. Is not this enough to drive men into the, doctrine of infidelity? I verily believe, but for the interposition of divine Providence in placing the Voice of Warning before my eyes, by which I become convinced that they are not the ministers of the gospel, but priests of sectarians, that I should have fallen into the doctrines myself. Yours Respectfully,

Change, etc.-The past year was noted for political revolutions and changes. We see the Pacha of Egypt defeated in a war with four powers of Europe-the King of Holland abdicating his throne to marry a lady of his court-the Queen of Spain deserting her sceptre [scepter] to live with her lover in Sicily-the Emperor of Austria calling his son to share with him the trials of government-the King of France hazarding his crown to preserve peace and perhaps abdicating in favor of the Duc d'Orleans-England making war upon China and Egypt, and the people of the United States strongly excited, revolutionizing their Government. To what end is the tide of human affairs tending?-Madisonian.

Lending news papers is a bad practice and should not be tolerated. Let every man buy for himself and not live on his neighbor's purse.-Ed.




MONDAY, MARCH 15, 1841.


We learn verbally, that Elder Z. H. Gurley has been laboring for the last few weeks at Laharpe, in this county, with extraordinary success: In the short space of six days he had the unspeakable privilege of immersing 52 in the waters of baptism and a prospect of great accessions to their number. Those baptized, we are informed, are of the first class of society.

We are also informed that Elders Lyman Wight, Amasa Lyman, and George Miller have succeeded after an untiring effort, to lay the foundation of a great work throughout different parts of Iowa Teritory [Territory], and that extensive additions have lately been made to the church. Elder William Smith has recently gone to the assistance of Br. A. Lyman, and intends to labor in that field until conference. Elders who are waiting for the coming conference, can find a plenty of labor in the adjacent country at any point of compass, to occupy their attention until that period. People are beginning to wake up to investigate our faith; and a fair, unprejudiced investigation, is all we ask of this generation.

Six month's about gone-Two numbers more finishes half the year for the present volume, those of our subscribers who are on the six months list, will remember that our terms are

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in advance in all cases, and no paper will be continued after the subscription expires. The reason of our being thus strict, is obvious to every candid observer of the times-it is the only safe principle upon which we can support the press: therefore, we hope that our patrons will make as early remittances as possible.

Agents living at a distance, having large remittances to make, would do well to make deposits in some bank and take a certificate of depsosit [deposit], or check, and forward us by mail; this would be, by far, the most safe conveyance, and not so apt to get robbed by the way. We wish our agents would take this extra pains in making remittances, as experience has taught us that all Post Masters are not to be trusted with money, for large amounts of money sent to this office has been intercepted during the past season.

-> Agents will please be particular in their directions, and name the Post Office, county and state to which papers are to be sent, and write all names very plain. Also when ordering back Nos. mention the No. and Volume explicitly. To those ordering the Times without specifying the time when they wish to commence, we shall in all cases begin with the Volume; (being the 1st Nov. No.) we are satisfied our subscribers will be better suited to commence with the Volume.

General J. C. Bennett, a very popular and deserving man, has been elected Mayor of Nauvoo, Hancock county.-Chicago Democrat.

We cheerfully respond to the above statement respecting our worthy mayor, and we are indeed glad that any of our friends of the press, can nobly come forward and award to faithfulness and integrity their due, even if found in a Mormon.

We would say, that if untireing [untiring] diligence to aid the afflicted and the oppressed, zeal, for the promotion of literature and intelligence, and a virtuous and consistant [consistent], are evidences of popularity &c. we venture to say that no man deserves the appelations [appellations] "popular and deserving" more than Gen. J. C. Bennett.

Signs of the Times.-What careful observer of the times, professing faith in the scriptures of divine truth, can gaze upon the history of events, as they are daily being unfolded both to the political and religious world, without saying in his heart-the COMING OF THE LORD IS NEAR? The age is big with events, events are big with meaning, but the whole world seems to be in a state of lethargy-totally dead to any thing that shall portend the second advent of Christ; yet the scriptures tell us, that he is to come in a cloud with power and great glory, and at his coming, it shall be as it was in the days of Noah, (i.e.) "as the days of Noah were so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be."-Mat. 24:37. In the days of Noah the wicked were all destroyed, and the righteous were saved; but previous to the destruction of the former, God sent revelations to advertise them of their approaching danger; and just precisely as it was then, "so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man." Revelations shall preceed [precede] his coming, the whole world shall ridicule them and cast them off, for so it was in the days of Noah, and the consequences were, inevitable destruction; and so it will be with this generation, the righteous only, will be saved.

There are various signs put forth by the inspired writers, also, which are to preceed [precede] his coming; among the number we quote the following, recorded in Luke 21:25. "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea & waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear," &c. These signs, are to leave the world without excuse, & to prepare the righteous for the coming of the eventful period, as they (the Saints) will be found watching. The unbelieving world will be taken as a thief in the night: the reason is obvious, they do not believe in revelations, signs and

(page 351)


wonders. When spots [signs] appear in the sun, (which has recently been the case,) that racks the ingenuity of the astronomers-a natural cause is assigned. When all nature is illumed [illumined] by the commotion of the starry heavens; as was the case in 1833-it is but an idle tale, nothing but meteors. When the howling tempest, and furious tornado, comes rolling the sea ("waves") beyound [beyond] her bounds, desolating cities, sweeping off its thousands-it is a light thing, the wind has blown a little harder than usual. When the bellowing earthquakes rend the earth, and she opens her mouth upon its inhabitants, and swallows them up as though they were mere insects-he [the] naturalist is again set to work to prove that God had no hand in the matter. If the devouring element desolates our beautiful cities in an hour, and leaves them in heaps-it is only the work of incendiaries. When aspiring Tyrants are carrying their conquests from nation to nation, and from sea to sea, drenching the earth with blood-it is merely a thirsting for power, something common to man; and yet the inspired writers have told us that these would be SIGNS, and they should forebode Christ's coming.

Look for a moment at the "portentous omens" which are enumerated by political demagogues to serve political purposes; for instance, during the present session of Congress, the chandeliers in the Senate, weighing about 1500 lbs., said to have cost $5,000, came tumbling down and broke into attoms [atoms]. Again, it is said that "the scroll held in the talons of the Eagle placed over the chair of the presiding officer of the Senate of the United States, and bearing upon it the motto of the Union-E Pluribus Unum-is stated to have fallen to the earth; and on the same day the hand of the figure representing the goddess of Liberty, standing in front of the capital of the United States, holding in it our glorious constitution, broke off, and came tumbling down." Again, "the individual elevated to the honored place of chief Magistrate of his great Republic starts from his home for the National Capitol.-An earthquake, as the journals friendly to him tell us, shakes the earth at his setting out from the west! He crosses the mountains and arrives at Baltimore and an explosion of the banks in that city, and Philadelphia-the 'great regulator of the currency' taking the lead-salutes him! * * Again, during the progress of the imposing celebration, got up by his friends and followers, in a style of georgeousness which Royalty itself might envy, a cord, which is stretched by them across the broad Avenue leading from the Presidential Mansion to the capitol, with the banners of the several States that voted for him strung upon it, breaks in the centre [center]; and the State emblems, dividing to the North, and to the South, are thrown to the ground, and draggled [dragged] in the mire."

These are some of the principle "ill omens" which are quoted in the political journals, but we do not believe that it is in the province of any man to say that these "omens" (if such they are) are disigned [designed] for political data to subserve the interest of either party.-We believe that God "is no respector to (parties) persons;" and if the accounts given are correct, (and they are well authenticated) we are ready to acknowledge, that we are credulous enough to believe they portend coming events, and will take rank in the signs of the Son of Man.

That the explosion of banks should have any thing to do, or part to act in this tragedy, no doubt would be thought strange: but what is better calculated to produce a "distress of nations with perplexity," than the moneyed power of the world? What is better calculated to make "men's hearts fail them for fear," &c. than to leave them pennyless. Look at the excitement which prevails throughout the United States, in consequence of the late failure of to U. S. Bank, "the Great Regulator of the currency:" it is feared that the institution is so rotten at heart, that no healing balm can remove the disease; and it has produced a general consternation. Then many of the daughters following the example set by their mother, has increased the alarm to an amazeing [amazing] degree, and the consequences are exceedingly feared: consequently, there is no doubt but banks will perform their part in the great theatre [theater] of the world to bring about the

(page 352)


purposses [purposes] of God, preparatory to the second advent of Christ.

In the 20th, No. Feb. 15th, We copied an article from the Upper Mississippian. Headed "Letters about the west-Nauvoo, Mormon religion, &c. As far as it relates to Nauvoo, it needs no particular comment, and we shall pass on to the writer's account of the "Mormon Religion."

In the first place he says "that their society did not recognize Mormon as a prophet or teacher sent from God to the Latter Day Saints, &c. It seems from the nature of the expression, that in consequence of the fictitious name ("Mormons") given us by our enemies, he had supposed that Mormon was a prophet sent among us, but this was not the case. Mormon was a prophet who lived on this continent about 400 years after the crucifiction [crucifixion] of Christ, and was a descendant of Ephraim; his fore-fathers came out of Jerusalem about six hundred years before the coming of Christ, in the reign of Zedekiah King of Judah, and were led by the hand of God in a miraculous manner through the wilderness and across the sea to this continent, being warned of the destruction which was coming upon Jerusalem just previous to her captivity by the King of Babylon. Again, "that the book, commonly called the 'Mormon bible,' was considered by them as an additional revelation from heaven, made by God himself, to Joseph Smith," and "that the Almighty spoke orally, and disclosed to Smith, in a vision, where to find the long buried 'Brass plates.[']" As respects the "Mormon bible, additional Revelation," &c. We suppose he has refference [reference] to the Book of Mormon, which received its title from the fact that it was written by the hand of Mormon, and is the history of a people who were once spread over the face of this continent, but are now extinct; and nought [naught] remains but old forts, mounds, dilapidated walls and cities, hieroglyphics, and fragments of mechanism which are strewed over the face of nature, to testify that a great and powerful people, possessing a knowledge of science and the arts, were once the lords of American soil. Antiquarians have presented these facts to the world with a formidable front to plain to be discarded.

The Book of Mormon gives an account of the Aborigenees [Aborigines] of America, from whom they descended, &c. a subject which has exausted [exhausted] all the learning and talents of the age, and would have been a secret still had it not been for this work. It was revealed to Joseph Smith by an holy angel where he would find the plates, (not "brass plates,") or records; an account of which we have already published in No 4, whole No 16, which the reader can reexamine at leasure [leisure].

That an angel should appear to a man in this age of the world, we are aware, is thought incredible. That God manifested himself to the ancients in various ways, none will pretend to deny. Moses could see the Lord, Jacob could wrestle with an angel, Abraham could converse with angels, Isaiah could gaze upon the "King the Lord of Hosts," Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel could gaze upon the Lord, and even describe the place of his feet, angels could take Lot and his family by the hand and hasten them from the city of Sodom lest they should be destroyed, and even Hagar, Sarah's maid, could view a messenger of the skies and hear his voice; also, hundreds of others, and all this is no marvel-yet God is unchangable [unchangeable] and no respector of persons. For God to speak, or angels to appear now, is considered to be sacrilege; however, we are disposed to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and HE is unchangable [unchangeable]. See Malachi 3:6, "For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed." Acts 10:34, "Then Peter opened his mouth and said, of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons, but in every nation he that fears God and works righteousness is accepted with him."

As God is unchangable, [unchangeable] why is it thought a thing incredible that angels should appear in this age of the world, as well as in the days of the apostle and prophets? there is certainly as much need of their administration now, as there was then. But says one, we have the Bible now; so we have, and so had the apostles the old scriptures. Paul told Timothy "that from a youth thou

(page 353)


hast known the scriptures which are able to make thee wise unto salvation:" yet they were divided into sects and parties, all understanding the scriptures their own way; and it was necessary that angels should appear to them, not withstanding all their former revelations, and that too after they had been privileged with the ministry of Christ during his life, and he had been slain upon the cross, as was in the case of Peter when he was led out of the prison by an angel, also Cornelius the centurian [centurion], and John upon the Isle of Patmos, Mary Magdalene, and also the Roman Soldiers who kept the sepulchre [sepulcher], and in many instances, which are too numerous to mention here. The Lord also, appeared to his apostles at different times after his resurrection, and we are informed that he appeared unto five hundred at once.

What individual in his sober senses, possessing common intellect, will profess to believe the sacred scriptures, and then have the daring affrontery [effrontery] to say that God has ceased to give revelations, that angels have ceased to come to earth, and then say, I am consistant [consistent]? None but hireling priests and their dupes, who by their inconsistencies, have driven the world into infidelity.

Much might be written upon this subject, but we have already been more prolix than we intended.

The writer seems to express himself with full confidence as though the whole "Mormon" system was a mere sham, or delusion; however, he is willing to acknowledge that the society is "more sinned against than sinning." This, we think, is an unbiased sentiment; and we presume that a candid investigation would unmask a field of light and intelligence to his understanding of the book of Mormon, the plates upon which it was engraven, and the manner of translation &c. we subjoin the title page, and also the testimony of the witnesses, which testimony is sufficient to establish the fact in any court under heaven, and cannot be controverted.


Wherefore it is an abridgement [abridgment] of the record of the people of Nephi, and also of the Lamanites; written to the Lamanites, who are a remnant of the house of Israel; and also to Jew and Gentile: written by way of commandment, and also by the spirit of prophecy and of revelation. Written and sealed up, an [and] hid up unto the Lord, that they might not be destroyed; to come forth by the gift and power of God unto the interpretation thereof: sealed by the hand of Moroni, and hid up unto the Lord, to come forth in due time by the way of Gentile; the interpretation thereof by the gift of God:

An abridgement [abridgment] taken from the book of Ether: also, which is a record of the people of Jared; who were scattered at the time the Lord confounded the language of the people when they were building a tower to get heaven: which is to show unto the remnant of the house of Israel what great things the Lord hath done for their fathers; and that they may know the covenants of the Lord, that they are not cast off forever; and also to the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting himself unto all nations. And now if there are faults, they are the mistakes of men; wherefore condemn not the things of God that ye may be found spotless at the judgement [judgment] of Christ. Moroni. Translated by Joseph Smith, Jr.


Be it known unto all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people, unto whom this work shall come, that we, through the grace of God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ have seen the plates which contain this record, which is a record of the people of Nephi, and also of the Lamanites, their brethren and also of the people of Jared, who came from the tower of which hath been spoken; and we also know that they have been translated by the gift and power of God, for his voice hath declared it unto us; wherefore we know of a surety, that the work is true. And we also testify that we have seen the engravings which are upon the plates: and they have been shewn [shown] unto us by the power of God, and not of man. And we declare with words of soberness, that an angel of God came down from heaven, and he brought and laid before our eyes, that we beheld and saw the plates, and the engravings thereon; and we know that it is by the grace of God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, that we beheld and bear record that these things are true; and it is marvelous in our eyes, nevertheless, the voice of the Lord commanded us that we should bear record of it; wherefore, to be obedient unto the commandments of God, we bear testimony of these things. And we

(page 354)


know that if we are faithful in Christ, we shall rid our garments of the blood of all men, and be found spotless before the judgement [judgment] seat of Christ, and shall dwell with him eternally in the heavens. And the honor be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost, which is one God. Amen.





Be it known unto all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people, unto whom this work shall come, that Joseph Smith, Jr. the translator of this work, has shewn [shown] unto us the plates of which hath been spoken, which have the appearance of gold: and as many of the leaves as the said Smith has translated, we did handle with our hands: and we also saw the engravings thereon, all of which has the appearance of ancient work, and of curious workmanship. And this we bear record with words of soberness, that the said Smith has shewn [shown] unto us, for we have seen and hefted, and know of a surety, that the said Smith has got the plates of which we have spoken. And we give our names unto the world, to witness unto the world that which we have seen; and we lie not, God bearing witness of it.






We would just say to those who have been calling for books, that they can be served, with pleasure, at the coming April conference, as there will be received previous to that time, several hundred copies of the books of Mormon, and for sale by E. Robinson. The Hymn books are also, just out of the press, and as many will be bound and ready for distribution upon that occasion as possible. For sale by prest. J. Smith. All who wish books please come prepared.



An act to incorporate tke [the] Nauvoo Agricultural and Manufacturing Association in the County of Hancock.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois represented in the general Assembly, that Sidney Rigdon, George W. Robinson, Samuel James, Wilson Law, Daniel H. Wells, Hyram Smith, George Miller, William Marks, Peter Haws, Vinson Knight, John Scott, D. C. Smith, William Huntington Sr., Ebenezer Robinson, R. B. Thompson, William Law, James Allred, John T. Barnett; Theodore Turley, John C. Bennett, Elias Higbee, Isaac Higbee, Joseph Smith, A. Cutler, Israel Barlow, R. D. Foster, John F. Olney, John Snider, Leonard Soby, Orson Pratt, James Kelly, Sidney Knowlton, John P. Greene, John F. Weld, and their associates and successors, are hereby constituted a body corporate and politic, by the name of the Nauvoo Agricultural, and Manufacturing Association, and by that name shall be capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, answering and being answered, in all courts and places, and may have a common seal, and may alter the same at pleasure.

Sec. 2. The sole object and purpose of said association, shall be for the promotion of agriculture and husbandry in all its branches, and for the manufacture of flour, lumber, and such other useful articles as are necessary for the ordinary purposes of life.

Sec. 3. The capital stock of said association shall be one hundred thousand dollars, with the privilege of increasing it to the sum of three hundred thousand dollars, to be divided into shares of fifty dollars, which shall be considered personal property, and be assignable in such manner as the said corporation may by its by-laws provide: which capital stock shall be exclusively devoted to the object, and purposes set forth in the second section of this act, and to no other object, and purposes, and to the same end the said corporation shall have power to purchase hold and convey real estate and other property to the amount of its capital.

Sec. 4. Said corporation shall have power by its Trustees, or a majority of them present at any regularly called meeting to make by-laws for its own government, for the purpose of carrying out the objects of this association, Provided, the same are not repugnant to the laws and constitution of this State, or the United States.

Sec. 5. Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and William Law, shall be commissioners to receive subscriptions for,

(page 355)


and distribute said capital stock for said corporation, said commissioners or a majority of them, shall within six months after the passage of this act, either by themselves or their duly appointed agents, open a subscription book for said stock at such times and places as they shall appoint, and at the time of subscription for such stock at least ten per cent upon each share subscribed for, shall be paid to said commissioners, or their duly appointed agents, and the remainder of said stock so subscribed for, shall be paid in such sums and at such times, as shall be provided for by the by-laws of said corporation.

Sec. 6. In case the stock of said corporation shall not all be taken up within one year from the passage of this act, the duties of said commissioners shall cease and the trustees of said corporation or a quorum thereof may thereafter receive subscriptions to said stock from time to time until the whole shall be subscribed.

Sec. 7. The stock, property and concerns of said corporation shall be managed by twenty trustees, who shall be stockholders of said corporation, any five of whom to be designated by a majority of the trustees, shall form a quorum for the transaction of all ordinary business of said corporation, the election of which Trustees shall be annual. The first mentioned twenty persons whose names are recited in the first section of this act, shall be the first trustees of said corporation, and shall hold their offices until the first Monday in September A. D. 1841, and until others shall be elected in their places.

Sec. 8. The Trustees of said corporation for every subsequent year, shall be elected on the first Monday of September in each and every year, at such place as the trustees for the time being shall appoint, and of which election they shall give at least fifteen days previous notice, by advertisement in some newspaper in or near the city of Nauvoo, at every election of trustees, each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote on each share of stock owned by him, Provided, that no stock-holder shall be entitled to more than twenty votes and said stockholders may vote either in person or by proxy. The election for trustees shall be conducted in such manner as shall be pointed out by the by-laws of said corporation, and whenever a vacancy shall happen by death, resignation, or otherwise among the trustees, the remaining trustees shall have power to fill such vacancy until the next general election for trustees.

Sec. 9. The trustees of said corporation as soon as may be, after their appointment or election under this act shall proceed to elect out of their number a President, Treasurer and Secretary who shall respectively hold their offices during one year, and until others shall be elected to fill their places, and whose duties shall be defined and prescribed by the by-laws of the corporation and said trustees shall also appoint such agents and other persons as may be necessary to conduct the proper business, and accomplish the declared objects of said corporation and shall likewise have power to fill any vacancy occasioned by the death, resignation or removal of any officer of said corporation.

Sec. 10. This act shall be construed as a public act and continue in force for the period of twenty years. And the trustees appointed under the provisions of this act, shall hold their first meetng [meeting] at the city of Nauvoo on the first Monday of April, A. D. 1841.

WM. L. D. EWING, Speaker of the House of Rep's.

S. H. ANDERSON, Speaker of the Senate.

Approved, Feb'y 27th, 1841. THO. CARLIN.


State of Illinois,

Office of Secretary of State.

I, Lyman Trumbull Secretary of State do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and perfect copy of the enrolled law on file in my office.

Given under my hand and

[L. S.] Seal of State, Springfield,

March 10th, 1841.


Secretary of State.


A Boston editor states that of every thousand females who die of consumption, over three-fourths are sacrificed by the prevailing false ideas of beauty of form produced by the continued practice of tight lacing.

(page 356)


From the Ladies Garland.


In one of the late numbers you call for facts, whether communicated in elegant language or not. I have recently learned one to which I give all possible publicity, and have told it in almost every circle of the young in which I have since found myself. Two weeks since, while on a visit to a respectable, long experienced physician in one of the southern boundary towns of New Hampshire, he gave me in substance the following account, as near as I can recollect.

He was called a week or two previous to visit a young female, I think not over twenty years of age, who was distressingly ill of a complaint of the lungs laboring under a great difficulty of breathing, which his discrimination led him at once to impute to a long continued practice of tight lacing-a practice which is slaying its thousands and tens of thousands in our enlightened land. There was, in his opinion, an adhesion of the lungs to the chest, and a consequent inflammation which had proceeded to such a height that death was inevitable. Little or nothing could be done. The poor girl after a few days of acute suffering, fell a victim to-(what shall I say? I am unwilling to wound the feelings of her friends,) her own folly and vanity. It could not be suicide, because no such result was contemplated, though the deed was done by her own hand. We can call it by no safer name than self-slaughter, for such even an external examination of the body proved it to have been.

The shoulder blades were found to be literally lapped one over the the other; the false ribs had been so compressed that the space of only about an inch and a half remained between them; and so great was the curvature of the spine which had been girdled in by the cords of death, that after the corpse was laid out for interment, two pillows were put under the arch thereby formed, while the shoulders rested on the board. She was a large healthy person, and was ignorantly led by the desire to please, to sacrafice [sacrifice] her life at the shrine of fashion, and the prevailing false ideas of beauty of form. She was said to be of amiable disposition and correct moral habits otherwise.

My own mind was so impressed with the recitle [recital] of this story, that I could hardly forbear weeping over the folly, and wickedness, and ignorance of my sex. I inwardly wished the ability to ring it in the ears of every female in the land, until their voluntarily assumed "strait jackets," that indicate nothing better than mental aberration in the weavers, should be voluntarily thrown aside.



If ye would crash the tree, before one flower

Hath made its fragrance or its fruitage known;

If ye would break the harp, before one tone

Hath told the compass of its varied power;

If ye would quench the lamp at twilight hour,

Or plant the brier where the rose had grown,

Or crush the statue in the encasing stone-

Then make the "CORSET CURSE" your daughter's dower!

But, oh, if ye revere your God's impression

Stamp'd on the human form! If ye would arm

Your sons against consumption's ghastly charm;

Banish this vice of every christian nation!

And know that MURDER-in whatever form-

Of self, or offspring, is no slight transgression!

Philadelphia, Nov. 1840. P.


MARRIED-by Elder James Carroll, Mr. William Shockly to Miss Elsy Yeoman, both of Henry county, Iowa Teritory [Territory].

In Walnut Grove Knox co. Ill Dec. 31st 1840, by Elder Wm. Burton Mr. John Gaylord to Miss Elvira Edmonds, both of the same place.

In this city on the 20 ult. by Elder Wm. Smith, Mr. Thomas Grover to Mrs. Carolina E. Hubbard, both of this city.

Near this city, Dec. 30th, by Elder R. A. Allred, Mr. John Carson to Miss Elvira Egbert.

In this city Febury [February] 27th, 1841, by Elder Wm. Nisewanger, Mr. William D. Pratt to Mrs. Wealthy Shumway.


DIED-In this city on the 21st of November, 1840 Susannah, consort of Harmon Cutler, aged 34 years, 11 months and 7 days. Sister Cutler was

(page 357)


from Amboy, Oswego co. N. Y. She died in the triumphs of faith.

Near Quincy, Adams co. Ill. February 15th, 1841 Eliza Jane daughter of William C. and Eliza B. Perry aged nine months and seventeen days.


Parents weep not, though earth inclose [enclose]

My mortal parts beneath this sod!

Know, such as I on high compose,

The kingdom of my Saviour [Savior]God.

In this city, on the 10th inst. Elder David Dort, aged 48 years.-Brother Dort was a member of the High Council:-In his death we have lost one of our most valuable citizens.

Flour, meal, pork, lard, butter and cheese, will be received in payment for the Times and Seasons, if delivered.


ILLINOIS. City of Springfield, I. H. Bishop.

City of Quincy, S. B. Stoddard.

Victoria, Knox co. John Gaylord.

Mt. Pulaski, Logan co. Jabez Capps.

Pleasant Vale, Pike co. Wm. Draper, jr.

Pittsfield, Pike co. Harlow Redfield.

Pittsfield, Pike co. Daniel B. Bush, P. M.

PENNSYLVANIA. City of Philadelphia, Joseph H. Newton

City of Philadelphia, Erastus Snow,

Centerville, Crawford co. Stephen Post.

NEW YORK City of New York George J. Adams.

City of New York, L. R. Foster

City of Albany Albert Brown.

West Leyden, Lewis co. J. L. Robinson.

MASSACHUSETTS. Georgetown, Essex Co. Nathaniel Holmes.

NEW HAMPSHIRE. Gilsum, Chilon Mack, P. M.

Lisbon, Grafton co. Zadock Parker.

TENNESSEE Pekin, Jackson co. Wm. R. Vance

Whitleyville, Jackson co. T. K. Witcher.

KENTUCKY. Centre Point, Monroe co. Wm. Dixon.

OHIO. Kirtland, Lake co. Almon Babbitt.

Dayton, W. W. Phelps.

West Millton Dr. Harvey Tate.

Andover, Ashtabula co. James M. Adams.

Livonia, Wayne co. Mich Rufus Beach

INDIANA. Pleasant Garden, Dr. Knight.

LOUISANA (LOUISIANA). City of New Orleans, E. G. Terrill.

ENGLAND. City of Manchester, P. P. Pratt.

City of Preston, J. P. Fielding

City of London H. C. Kimball

City of London W. Woodruff

City of London G. A. Smith

ISLE OF MAN. Douglass, John Taylor.

SCOTLAND. City of Edinburgh, Orson Pratt.

TRAVELING AGENTS. John E. Page. Orson Hyde.

Daniel Tyler, Wm. O. Clark,

Z. Coultrin. John Cairn,

Lorenzo Barnes, Joseph Ball,

Daniel Shearer, Robert P. Crawford,

Henry Lumereaux, James Standing,

J. M. Grant L. M. Davis

Joshua Grant, F. G. Bishop,

G. H. Brandon, John Riggs,

Lorenzo Snow, James Blakeslee,

Norman Shearer, B. F. Boydston,

A. B. Tomlinson, Elisha H. Groves,

Charles Thompson, Benj. Johnson,

A. L. Lumeraux, Samuel Bennett,

Wm. Smith Hyrum Smith

Julian Moses Z. H. Gurley,

Samuel Bent, G. W. Harris,

Amasa Lyman, David Evens

Daniel S. Thomas, Jesse Turpin.

The Times and Seasons,

Is printed and published about the first and fifteenth of every month on the corner of Water and Bain Streets, Nauvoo, Hancock county, Illinois, by D. C. Smith, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR.

TERMS.-TWO DOLLARS per annum, payable in all cases in advance. Any person procuring five new subscribers, and forwarding us 10 dollars current money, shall receive one volume gratis. Letters on business must be addressed to the Editor and POST PAID.

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