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The task of writing a brief history of an organization whose record covers an expanse of one hundred years is more difficult than writing one of unlimited length, for there is the necessity of selecting the incidents or events one would record, and the choice is not always easy, because many events parallel each other in importance. The briefer writing, therefore, might well have a central theme as a guide to selecting the material to make up the volume. Such a central theme is always present in the development of our church, for the social philosophy which revolved about the idea of Zion and her redemption has always been present among the factors determining church movements or activities. The author has happily chosen this theme as the guiding star in writing this brief history. She brings to her task especial qualifications. Her maternal and paternal ancestors were connected with the church in its formative period and lived through the varied and colorful experiences which have brought it to its present state. As the daughter of a former historian of the church, she has from her infancy lived in the atmosphere of the student of history. To the manor born, her heritage has been one of sympathetic support of the church as a worker. By her assiduity as a student she has added to this equipment in attaining scholastic rank above the average of college students, having won honors nationally recognized. Her heritage and attainments augment a deep-seated love for the church and this combination she has brought into play as a writer of history to produce a book which all members of the church will read with great interest, and which will be valuable to anyone seeking a terse survey of our interesting history, for these factors have united to give her a distinct urge to write our history.

The pleasure I have found in reading the manuscript will, I am sure, be matched by the pleasure the Saints will find in perusing the book.



"The Story of the Church" has given such general satisfaction that it is with genuine pleasure that we now present this edition which has been brought up to date and improved in a number of details.

"The Story of the Church" reminds us that our message has a significant historical setting. We stand where we do because of the experiences which we and our fathers have shared in the years now past. It is therefore eminently fitting that a book which tells the story of our history so accurately and in so interesting a manner should receive the widespread acclaim which we feel sure will continue with this fifth edition as it was with those that went before.

Independence, Missouri

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