Differences between the
RLDS and LDS Doctrine and Covenants
Additional Sections/Revelations

by Jon Tandy

This page lists sections that are contained only in the LDS Doctrine and Covenants (LDC) or the RLDS Doctrine and Covenants (RDC).

Revelations to Joseph Smith, Jr. in LDC

The following sections are revelations given to, or purported to be given to, Joseph Smith Jr. and found in the LDC, but not the RDC. The first set below are recorded in RLDS Church History (RCH) or Times and Seasons. While these are not scripture in the RLDS church, many members consider them to be true revelations.

The following revelations in the LDC are not recorded in the RCH.

Revelations on Baptism for the Dead

The practice of baptism for the dead is accepted by the LDS church but not the RLDS. This doctrine is contained in LDC Sections 124, 127, 128 (RDC Sections 107, 109, 110). These sections were removed to the Appendix by the 1970 RLDS World Conference. See article on baptism for the dead for more discussion on this topic.

Church Law on Marriage

The original teaching of the church on marriage was that one man could be married to only one woman, and that when either died the other was free to remarry. RDC Section 111 contains the law of the church on this matter. After Joseph's death, this section was removed from the LDS Doctrine and Covenants, and replaced with the doctrines of polygamy and "celestial marriage" (marriage for "time and eternity") in LDC Sections 131 and 132. What is now RDC section 108A was also removed from the LDC, perhaps because it referred to the original section on marriage being accepted by the church. See article on marriage for more discussion on this topic.

Revelations unique to the LDS/RLDS church history

The following sections were received by the LDS and RLDS churches after their division. Thus, neither church's Doctrine and Covenants contain those sections which are unique to the other church's history.

Pearl of Great Price

The LDS Doctrine and Covenants is usually bound with the "Pearl of Great Price", which contains several items, many of which are accepted by the RLDS church.