Given at Independence, April 16, 1912.

"Behold, I say unto you my people, if ye will but sustain Graceland, my chosen institute of learning, thy children shall be blessed; yea, the world shall be blessed; many will go out form her to preach my gospel and unto the foreign lands. Yea, I have said it, and I speak unto my people; Oh, support her! Put thy arms around about her, for she is a chosen vessel unto thy Father. Remember, that there are great glories to come unto thee, if thou are faithful. Remember that in the young stands the army that must support wherein the veterans must lay down.

"Oh, my people, come close to me and I shall bless thee. Rich blessings will flow from me upon thee, and where'er thou mayest be, on the prairies, in the cities, in the forests, in the mountains, my Spirit will be thine and that to bless. Hear my voice, oh, my people, for thou are a chosen people; I have chosen thee; yea, I have chosen and I will bless thee as a father blesses his own.

"Come to me with thy substance, with thy devotions, with thy prayers and strength will be given thee; yea, great strength will be thine, for I am they God and I will bless thee and strengthen thee inasmuch as thou dependest upon me. Now listen while I plead with thee, for the day of trial is upon thee, and I will have a tried people; yea, they must be tried as by fire, but strength will be given them for this trial."