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a Comparison of the
Inspired Version Holy Scriptures to the
King James Version of the Bible
     We hope your use of this comparison will be helpful and enlightening.   Here is a brief background of the Inspired Version.   It was first published in 1867 under the direction of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.   Joseph Smith completed the manuscript in 1834, although only certain passages were published in periodicals, such as The Evening and Morning Star, during his lifetime.   The Inspired Version is based on the text of the King James Version, however, is not a 'translation' per se.   Rather, Joseph Smith, Jr. received divine direction and inspiration to correct the text where many "plain and precious things" (I Nephi 3: 172, 1908 RLDS Version) had been altered or removed.   In some cases, Joseph was instructed to insert whole passages of scripture not found in the King James Version.
     Please note that only sections of scripture where differences in structure or numbering exist are shown in this reference. For a complete publication of the Holy Scriptures see the corresponding link to your left. If you are having trouble viewing these pages, try adjusting your browser font size. In addition, this reference requires javascript. Enjoy your use of this comparison.