Doctrine and Covenants

Section 132

April 5, 1916-Independence, Missouri. The first revelation given to the church through Frederick Madison Smith, who had been approved by the 1915 General Conference to be President of the high priesthood and of the church.

Appointments to the Bishopric-The hastening time requires cooperation and consecration

The matter of selecting one to succeed Bishop E. L. Kelley in the office of Presiding Bishop has received by me careful and prayerful consideration.

D&C 132:1 I am, therefore, now prepared to say that the voice of the Spirit to me is that Bishop E. L. Kelley should be released from the responsibilities of Presiding Bishop, though he may act as traveling bishop, counseling and advising on the law of temporalities in harmony with his successor and the Presidency.

D&C 132:2 Let Benjamin R. McGuire be set apart and ordained Presiding Bishop of the church, and two of the brethren be set apart as counselors to him-one to be selected by him and supported by the conference, the other to be Bishop James F. Keir.

D&C 132:3a I admonish the church, and particularly those of the priesthood, that the hastening time being upon us, there is great necessity for confidence in the men of the church chosen for positions of great responsibility,

D&C 132:3b and all should consecrate of their talents, abilities, and substance for the prosecution of the great work intrusted to us.

D&C 132:4 Everywhere the demand for great activity exists; and for the accomplishment of our work, the great essential is fraternal cooperation in service to man and devoted consecration to God and his work.

Your servant,

Frederick M. Smith

Independence, Missouri

April 5, 1916