Doctrine and Covenants

Section 118

September 28, 1882-Lamoni, Iowa. Revelation through Joseph Smith III in response to the prayers of the General Conference concerning two matters: the filling of the leading quorums and the administration of the work in Chicago.

Need for further organization and unity-Heed the counsel of the traveling ministry

D&C 118:1a In asking of me, ye did well. I will hasten my work in its time.

D&C 118:1b Ye cannot now prosecute missions in many foreign lands, nor is it expedient that the elders of the first quorums be sent out of the land of America until the work of the reorganization of my church be more fully established and a greater unity of understanding between them be obtained.

D&C 118:1c Nor is it expedient now to further fill up the quorums, except it be the elders, priests, teachers, and deacons, which ye may do, as ye deem wise, by the direction of conference.

D&C 118:2 Continue the mission in Chicago until the April conference when, if it be found expedient, it may be left in the charge of the authorities of the Northern Illinois District.

D&C 118:3 It is my will that ye more fully honor and pay heed to the voice and counsel of the traveling ministry in spiritual things-which if ye do not, the office which they hold is not honored in my service, and the good they should do is made void.

D&C 118:4a If they approve themselves as righteous ministers, they shall be blessed; if they be found transgressors or idle servants, ye shall not uphold them.

D&C 118:4b But be not hasty in withdrawing your support from them, peradventure ye shall injure my work.

D&C 118:4c Even now I am not well pleased with some, but space is granted for repentance and a renewal of diligence. Let no one deceive himself that he shall not account for his stewardship unto me.

Joseph Smith

By command of the Spirit