Doctrine and Covenants

Section 115

March, 1863-Revelation given through Joseph Smith III and addressed to the elders of the church.

William Marks is called to the First Presidency-Elders are to travel two by two to preach the gospel

D&C 115:1a Hearken unto me, O ye elders of my church. Lo, I have seen your efforts in my cause, and they are pleasing unto me.

D&C 115:1b I declare unto you, It is my will that you ordain and set apart my servant William Marks to be a counselor to my servant Joseph, even the President of my church, that the First Presidency of my church may be more perfectly filled.

D&C 115:1c And, moreover, it is expedient in me that my elders, in going to declare my gospel to the nations, shall observe the pattern which I have given.

D&C 115:1d Two by two let them be sent, that they may be a help and a support to each other in their ministry.

D&C 115:1e Press onward, ye elders and people of my church, even my little flock; and, as I have spoken to you in times past, so will I speak again to you as my friends, inasmuch as you speak in my name; and lo, I am Alpha and Omega and will be with you unto the end. Amen.