Doctrine and Covenants

Section 47

March 8, 1831-Kirtland, Ohio. Revelation addressed to John Whitmer after Oliver Cowdery's departure upon the mission to the West. Oliver had acted as Joseph's secretary and unofficial historian of the church.

John Whitmer is appointed to record church history

D&C 47:1a Behold, it is expedient in me that my servant John should write, and keep a regular history, and assist you, my servant Joseph, in transcribing all things which shall be given you until he is called to further duties.

D&C 47:1b Again, verily, I say unto you that he can also lift up his voice in meetings whenever it shall be expedient.

D&C 47:2a And again, I say unto you that it shall be appointed unto him to keep the church record and history continually; for Oliver Cowdery I have appointed to another office.

D&C 47:2b Wherefore, it shall be given him-inasmuch as he is faithful-by the Comforter, to write these things. Even so. Amen.