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About Doctrine and Covenants

The Doctrine and Covenants on is based on the RLDS 1952 edition, plus sections 143 and 144. It consists of revelations and documents which have been given through the Prophet/President of the Church. Sections after 144 are included for reference at, and are not accepted by many conservative RLDS because of doctrinal changes that have been introduced in them.

Restoration Scriptures Edition

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About Lectures on Faith

The Lectures on Faith is based on the 1996 edition printed by Price Publishing. The Lectures were originally published as the "doctrine" portion of the Doctrine and Covenants until the RLDS 1894 edition, when they were removed by editorial decision.

Notes on the Lectures:

  1. All italics were added by the original authors unless otherwise noted. Key words in the fourth lecture are set in bold italics in the 1996 edition.
  2. All Bible references are to the King James Version unless the Inspired Version is indicated. References followed by two asterisks (**) are from the Inspired Version.
  3. When brackets or parentheses are followed by an asterisk, such as []* or ()*, indicates that the enclosed words have been added. Numbered footnotes in the 1996 edition have been replaced by two asterisks (**) here.
  4. Book of Mormon references throughout the Lectures have been changed to agree with the 1908 Authorized Edition.
  5. A number has been added before each question for easy referencing.