The Story of the Church
by Inez Smith Davis

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RLDS Church History
Times and Seasons
Messenger and Advocate
Evening and Morning Star
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k.gif (882 bytes)Dedication
The Great Revival
The Revolt Against Creeds
The Golden Plates
Joseph Smith
The Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon Witnesses
Organizing the Church
The First Great Mission of the Church
Sidney Rigdon
The Church Moves West
Pioneering in the West
Slavery in Missouri
The Militia
The Church Grows
Doctrinal Development
The Storm Breaks
Missions to Canada and the East
Governor Dunklin Takes a Hand
The High Council
Zion's Camp
The Missionary Quorums
The Doctrine and Covenants
The Kirtland Temple
After the Endowment
The Panic of 1837
The First Foreign Mission
The Mission to New York City and the "Voice of Warning"
Far West
The Gospel of the Kingdom
Enemies in Camp
A Mission to the South Sea Islands
The Last Days of the Prophet
The Deserted City
The Parting of the Ways
The Good Ship "Brooklyn"
The Texas Colony
The Community at Preparation
Jason W. Briggs and the Beloit and Waukesha Branches
Zenas H. Gurley and the Yellowstone Branch
Reorganizing the Church
William Marks
A Mission to Young Joseph
Granville Hedrick and the Crow Creek Branch
"The True Latter Day Saints" Herald
William Marks Receives an Important Letter
Young Joseph
Amboy, 1860
Friends and Otherwise
Welding the Fragments
England and Wales
The First Mission to the West
The Fight Against Polygamy
Plano Days
Switzerland and Germany
Pioneering for the Gospel in the West
"Te Atua Speaks Again"
Lamoni and the Order of Enoch
The Saints Return to the Goodly Land
Island Missions
Development and Progress
Frederick M. Smith
Israel A. Smith
Onward to Zion