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JOSEPH and the brethren who were to accompany him left Kirtland on the nineteenth of June and were among the first to arrive at Independence. But few of the details of the travels of the several elders who went to Missouri have been preserved. They would doubtless be very interesting, but we must be content with such as we have. Joseph's account of so long, and doubtless so eventful a journey, is very short. It is as follows:-

"On the l9th of June, in company with Sidney Rigdon, Martin Harris, Edward Partridge, W. W. Phelps, Joseph Coe, A. S. Gilbert and his wife, I started from Kirtland, Ohio, for the land of Missouri, agreeable to the commandment before received, wherein it was promised that if we were faithful, the land of our inheritance, even the place for the city of the New Jerusalem, should be revealed. We

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went by wagon, canal boats, and stages to Cincinnati, where I had an interview with the Rev. Walter Scott, one of the fathers of the Campbellites, or Newlight Church. Before the close of our interview, he manifested one of the bitterest spirits against the doctrine of the New Testament ('that these signs should follow them that believe,' as recorded in the 16th chapter of the Gospel according to St. Mark) that I ever witnessed among men. We left Cincinnati in a steamer, and landed at Louisville, Kentucky, where we were detained three days in waiting for a steamer to convey us to St. Louis. At St. Louis, myself, Brethren Harris, Phelps, Partridge, and Coe, went on foot by land, to Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, where we arrived about the middle of July; and the residue of the company came by water a few days after. Notwithstanding the corruptions and abominations of the times, and the evil spirits manifested towards us on account of our belief in the Book of Mormon, at many places and among various persons, yet the Lord continued his watchful care and loving kindness to us day by day: and we made it a rule, wherever there was an opportunity, to read a chapter in the Bible, and pray; and these seasons of worship gave us great consolation. The meeting of our brethren, who had long waited our arrival, was a glorious one, and moistened with many tears. It seemed good and pleasant for brethren to meet together in unity. But our reflections were great, coming as we had from a highly cultivated state of society in the East, and standing now upon the confines or western limits of the United States, and looking into the vast wilderness of those that sat in darkness. How natural it was to observe the degradation, leanness of intellect, ferocity and jealousy, of a people that were nearly a century behind the time, and to feel for those who roamed about without the benefit of civilization, refinement, or religion! Yea, and exclaim in the language of the prophets, 'When will the wilderness blossom as a rose? when will Zion be built up in her glory? and where will Thy temple stand unto which all nations shall come in the last days.'"-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 434.

Lyman Wight kept a daily account of the journey and experiences

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of himself and John Murdock, but it is too long for insertion here. They baptized many, among whom we notice the historical names of James Emmett and Morris Phelps. Lyman Wight arrived at Independence, August 12, leaving his companion fifty miles behind, sick. Here he procured a horse and went back for him, and brought him in on the horse, while he walked by his side, supporting him. We only mention this as an instance of the zeal, energy, courage, and devotion with which these early defenders of the cause met the hardships and sacrifices incident to the arduous work of establishing the church in the West. Doubtless many if not all of those who went on that perilous mission passed through like experiences. It would be interesting if all had been preserved.

In July, 1831, there was a revelation given at Independence pointing out the spot for the building of the Temple and giving instruction on other important matters. 1

1 1. Hearken, O ye elders of my church, saith the Lord your God, who have assembled yourselves together, according to my commandments, in this land which is the land of Missouri, which is the land which I have appointed and consecrated for the gathering of the saints: wherefore this is the land of promise, and the place for the city of Zion. And thus saith the Lord your God, If you will receive wisdom here is wisdom. Behold, the place which is now called Independence, is the center place, and the spot for the temple is lying westward upon a lot which is not far from the courthouse; wherefore it is wisdom that the land should be purchased by the saints; and also every tract lying westward, even unto the line running directly between Jew and Gentile. And also every tract bordering by the prairies, inasmuch as my disciples are enabled to buy lands. Behold, this is wisdom, that they may obtain it for an everlasting inheritance.
2. And let my servant Sidney Gilbert, stand in the office which I have appointed him, to receive moneys, to be an agent unto the church, to buy land in all the regions round about, inasmuch as can be in righteousness, and as wisdom shall direct.
3. And let my servant Edward Partridge, stand in the office which I have appointed him, to divide the saints their inheritance, even as I have commanded; and also those whom he has appointed to assist him.
4. And again, verily I say unto you, Let my servant Sidney Gilbert plant himself in this place, and establish a store, that he may sell goods without fraud, that he may obtain money to buy lands for the good of the saints, and that he may obtain whatsoever things the disciples may need to plant them in their inheritance. And also let my servant Sidney Gilbert obtain a license (behold, here is wisdom and whoso readeth let him understand), that he may send goods also to the people, even by whom he will as clerks, employed in his service, and thus provide for my saints, that my gospel may be preached unto those who sit in darkness and in the region and shadow of death

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On the first Sunday after the arrival of Joseph and party in Jackson County, Missouri, W. W. Phelps preached to a mixed audience of white pioneers, negroes, and Indians, and on the same day two were baptized.

The following week the Colesville branch (from Colesville, New York), Sidney Rigdon and wife, and Elders Morley and Booth arrived.

About the same time another revelation was given containing additional instruction concerning Zion and the duties of certain officers of the church. 2

5. And again, verily I say unto you, Let my servant William W. Phelps be planted in this place, and be established as a printer unto the church; and lo, if the world receiveth his writings (behold, here is wisdom), let him obtain whatsoever he can obtain in righteousness for the good of the saints. And let my servant Oliver Cowdery assist him, even as I have commanded, in whatsoever place I shall appoint unto him, to copy, and to correct, and select, that all things may be right before me, as it shall be proved by the Spirit through him. And thus let those of whom I have spoken, be planted in the land of Zion, as speedily as can be, with their families, to do those things even as I have spoken.
6. And now concerning the gathering, let the bishop and the agent make preparations for those families which have been commanded to come to this land, as soon as possible, and plant them in their inheritance. And unto the residue of both elders and members, further directions shall be given hereafter. Even so. Amen.
2 1. Hearken, O ye elders of my church, and give ear to my word, and learn of me what I will concerning you, and also concerning this land unto which I have sent you; for verily I say unto you, Blessed is he that keepeth my commandments, whether in life or in death; and he that is faithful in tribulation, the reward of the same is greater in the kingdom of heaven.
2. Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter and the glory which shall follow, after much tribulation. For after much tribulation cometh the blessings. Wherefore the day cometh that ye shall be crowned with much glory; the hour is not yet, but is nigh at hand.
3. Remember this which I tell you before that you may lay it to heart and receive that which shall follow. Behold, verily I say unto you, For this cause I have sent you that you might be obedient, and that your hearts might be prepared to bear testimony of the things which are to come; and also that you might be honored of laying the foundation, and of bearing record of the land upon which the Zion of God shall stand; and also that a feast of fat things might be prepared for the poor; yea, a feast of fat things, of wine on the lees well refined, that the earth may know that the mouths of the prophets shall not fail; yea, a supper of the house of the Lord, well prepared, unto which all nations shall be invited. Firstly, the rich and the learned, the wise and the noble; and after that cometh the day of my power; then shall the poor, the lame, and the

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For a description of the land of Zion in 1831 and of the dedication of the Temple Lot, we here reproduce the words of Joseph Smith:-

"On the second day of August I assisted the Colesville

blind, and the deaf, come in unto the marriage of the Lamb, and partake of the supper of the Lord, prepared for the great day to come. Behold, I, the Lord, have spoken it.
4. And that the testimony might go forth from Zion; yea, from the month of the city of the heritage of God; yea, for this cause I have sent you hither, and have selected my servant Edward Partridge, and have appointed unto him his mission in this land; but if he repent not of his sins, which are unbelief and blindness of heart, let him take heed lest he fall. Behold, his mission is given unto him, and it shall not be given again. And whoso standeth in this mission is appointed to be a judge in Israel, like as it was in ancient days, to divide the lands of the heritage of God unto his children, and to judge his people by the testimony of the just, and by the assistance of his counselors, according to the laws of the kingdom which are given by the prophets of God; for verily I say unto you, My laws shall be kept on this land.
5. Let no man think that he is ruler, but let God rule him that judgeth, according to the counsel of his own will; or, in other words, him that counseleth or sitteth upon the judgment seat. Let no man break the laws of the land, for he that keepeth the laws of God hath no need to break the laws of the land; wherefore be subject to the powers that be, until He reigns whose right it is to reign, and subdues all enemies under his feet. Behold, the laws which ye have received from my hand are the laws of the church, and in this light ye shall hold them forth. Behold, here is wisdom.
6. And now, as I spake concerning my servant Edward Partridge, this land is the land of his residence, and those whom he has appointed for his counselors, and also the land of the residence of him whom I have appointed to keep my storehouse; wherefore let them bring their families to this land, as they shall counsel between themselves and me; for, behold it is not meet that I should command in all things, for he that is compelled in all things, the same is a slothful and not a wise servant; wherefore he receiveth no reward. Verily I say, Men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; for the power is in them wherein they are agents unto themselves. And inasmuch as men do good, they shall in nowise lose their reward. But he that doeth not anything until he is commanded, and receiveth a commandment with doubtful heart, and keepeth it with slothfulness, the same is damned. Who am I that made man, saith the Lord, that will hold him guiltless that obeys not my commandments? Who am I, saith the Lord, that have promised and have not fulfilled? I command and a man obeys not, I revoke and they receive not the blessing; then they say in their hearts, This is not the work of the Lord, for his promises are not fulfilled. But woe unto such, for their reward lurketh beneath, and not from above.
7. And now I give unto you further directions concerning this land. It is wisdom in me that my servant Martin Harris should be an example unto the church, in laying his moneys before the bishop of the church. And, also, this is a law unto every man that cometh unto this land, to receive an inheritance, and he shall do with his moneys according as the law directs. And it is wisdom, also, that there should be lands purchased

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branch of the church to lay the first log, for a house, as a foundation for Zion in Kaw Township, twelve miles west of Independence. The log was carried and placed by twelve men, in honor of the twelve tribes of Israel. At the same time, through prayer, the land of Zion was consecrated and dedicated for the gathering

in Independence, for the place of the storehouse, and also for the house of the printing.
8. And other directions, concerning my servant Martin Harris, shall be given him of the Spirit, that he may receive his inheritance as seemeth him good. And let him repent of his sins, for he seeketh the praise of the world.
9. And also let my servant William W. Phelps stand in the office which I have appointed him, and receive his inheritance in the land. And also he hath need to repent, for I, the Lord, am not well pleased with him for he seeketh to excel, and he is not sufficiently meek before me. Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remembereth them no more. By this ye may know if a man repenteth of his sins. Behold, he will confess them and forsake them. And now, verily I say, concerning the residue of the elders of my church, The time has not yet come, for many years, for them to receive their inheritance in this land, except they desire it through the prayer of faith, only as it shall be appointed unto them of the Lord. For, behold, they shall push the people together from the ends of the earth; wherefore assemble yourselves together, and they who are not appointed to stay in this land, let them preach the gospel in the regions round about; and after that, let them return to their homes. Let them preach by the way and bear testimony of the truth in all places, and call upon the rich, the high, and the low, and the poor, to repent; and let them build up churches, inasmuch as the inhabitants of the earth will repent.
10. And let there be an agent appointed by the voice of the church, unto the church in Ohio, to receive moneys to purchase lands in Zion.
11. And I give unto my servant Sidney Rigdon a commandment that he shall write a description of the land of Zion, and a statement of the will of God, as it shall be made known by the Spirit, unto him; and an epistle and subscription, to be presented unto all the churches, to obtain moneys, to be put into the hands of the bishop, to purchase lands for an inheritance for the children of God, of himself or the agent, as seemeth him good, or as he shall direct. For, behold, verily I say unto you, The Lord willeth that the disciples, and the children of men, should open their hearts even to purchase this whole region of country, as soon as time will permit. Behold, here is wisdom; let them do this lest they receive none inheritance, save it be by the shedding of blood.
12. And again, inasmuch as there is land obtained, let there be workmen sent forth, of all kinds, unto this land, to labor for the saints of God. Let all these things be done in order. And let the privileges of the lands be made known, from time to time, by the bishop, or the agent of the church and let the work of the gathering be not in haste, nor by night, but let it be done as it shall be counseled by the elders of the church at the conferences, according to the knowledge which they receive from time to time.
13. And let my servant Sidney Rigdon consecrate and dedicate this land, and the spot of the temple, unto the Lord. And let a conference meeting be called, and after that let my servants Sidney Rigdon and

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of the saints, by Elder Rigdon; and it was a season of joy to those present, and afforded a glimpse of the future, which time will yet unfold to the satisfaction of the faithful. As we had received a commandment for Elder Rigdon to write a description of the land of Zion, we sought for all the information necessary to accomplish so desirable an object. Unlike the timbered States in the East, except upon the rivers and water courses, which were verdantly dotted with trees from one to three miles wide, as far as the eye can glance, the beautiful rolling prairies lay spread around like a sea of meadows. The timber is a mixture of oak, hickory, black walnut, elm, cherry, honey locust, mulberry, coffee bean, hackberry, box elder, and basswood, together with the addition of cottonwood, buttonwood, pecan, soft and hard maple, upon the bottoms. The shrubbery was beautiful, and consisted in part of plums, grapes, crab apples, and persimmons. The prairies were decorated with a growth of flowers that seemed as gorgeous and grand as the brilliancy of stars in the heavens, and exceed description. The soil is rich and fertile, from three to ten feet deep, and generally composed of rich black mold, intermingled with clay and sand. It produces in abundance, wheat, corn, and many other commodities, together with sweet potatoes and cotton. Horses, cattle, and hogs, though of an inferior breed, are tolerably plenty, and seem nearly to raise themselves by

Joseph Smith, Jr., return, and also Oliver Cowdery with them, to accomplish the residue of the work which I have appointed unto them in their own land, and the residue as shall be ruled by the conferences.
14. And let no man return from this land, except he bear record, by the way, of that which he knows and most assuredly believes. Let that which has been bestowed upon Ziba Peterson be taken from him, and let him stand as a member in the church, and labor with his own hands, with the brethren, until he is sufficiently chastened for all his sins, for he confesseth them not, and he thinketh to hide them.
15. Let the residue of the elders of this church, who are coming to this land, some of whom are exceedingly blessed, even above measure, also hold a conference upon this land. And let my servant Edward Partridge direct the conference which shall be held by them. And let them also return, preaching the gospel by the way, bearing record of the things which are revealed unto them; for, verily, the sound must go forth from this place into all the world; and unto the uttermost parts of the earth, the gospel must be preached unto every creature, with signs following them that believe. And, behold, the Son of Man cometh. Amen.

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grazing in the vast prairie range in summer, and feeding upon the bottoms in winter. The wild game is less plenty where man has commenced the cultivation of the soil than it is a little distance farther in the wild prairies. Buffalo, elk, deer, bear, wolves, beaver, and many lesser animals roam at pleasure. Turkeys, geese, swans, ducks, yea, a variety of the feathered race are among the rich abundance that graces the delightful regions of this goodly land of the heritage of the children of God. Nothing is more fruitful, or a richer stock-holder in the blooming prairies, than the honey bee; honey is but about twenty-five cents per gallon.

"The season is mild and delightful nearly three quarters of the year, and as the land of Zion, situated at about equal distances from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as from the Allegheny and Rocky Mountains, in the thirty-ninth degree of north latitude, and between the tenth and seventeenth degrees of west longitude. 3 It bids fair to become one of the most blessed places on the globe, when the curse is taken from the land, if not before. The winters are milder than in the Atlantic States, of the same parallel of latitude; and the weather is more agreeable, so that were the virtues of the inhabitants only equal to the blessings of the Lord, which he permits to crown the industry and efforts of those inhabitants, there would be a measure of the good things of life, for the benefit of the saints, full, pressed down and running over, even an hundredfold. The disadvantages here, like all new countries, are self evident, lack of mills and schools, together with the natural privations and inconveniences, which the hand of industry and the refinement of society with the polish of science overcome. But all these impediments vanish when it is recollected that the prophets have said concerning Zion in the last days how the glory of Lebanon is to come upon her; the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box together, to beautify the place of his sanctuary, that he may make the place of his feet glorious; where for brass he will bring gold, and for iron he will bring silver, and for wood brass, and for stones iron; and where the feast of fat things will be given to the just; yea, when the splendor

3 From Washington.

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of the Lord is brought, to one consideration, for the good of his people; the calculations of men and the vain glory of the world vanishes; and we exclaim: God will shine--the perfection of beauty out of Zion.

"On the third day of August the spot for the Temple, a little west of Independence, was dedicated in presence of eight men, among whom were myself, Sidney Rigdon, Edward Partridge, W. W. Phelps, Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, and Joseph Coe. The eighty-seventh Psalm was read, and the scene was solemn and impressive. On the 4th I attended the first conference in the land of Zion. It was held at the house of Brother Joshua Lewis, in Kaw Township, in presence of the Colesville branch of the church. The Spirit of the Lord was there. On the 7th, I attended the funeral of Sister Polly Knight, the wife of Joseph Knight, Sen. This was the first death in the church in this land, and I can say a worthy member sleeps in Jesus till the resurrection."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 450.

On Sunday, August 7, another revelation was given instructing the inhabitants of Zion regarding moral conduct, the keeping of the Lord's holy day, and other matters. 4

4 1. Behold, blessed, saith the Lord, are they who have come up unto this land with an eye single to my glory, according to my commandments; for them that live shall inherit the earth, and them that die shall rest from all their labors, and their works shall follow them, and they shall receive a crown in the mansions of my Father, which I have prepared for them; yea, blessed are they whose feet stand upon the land of Zion, who have obeyed my gospel, for they shall receive for their reward the good things of the earth; and it shall bring forth in its strength; and they shall also be crowned with blessings from above; yea, and with commandments not a few, and with revelations in their time; they that are faithful and diligent before me.
2. Wherefore I give unto them a commandment, saying thus: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy might, mind, and strength; and in the name of Jesus Christ thou shalt serve him. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Thou shalt not steal; neither commit adultery, nor kill, nor do anything like unto it. Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things. Thou shalt offer a sacrifice unto the Lord thy God in righteousness; even that of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day; for verily this is a day appointed unto you to rest from your labors, and to pay thy devotions unto the Most High; nevertheless thy vows shall be offered up in righteousness on all days, and at all times; but remember that on this, the Lord's day,

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On Monday, the 8th, a revelation was given instructing the elders concerning their return to the East. 5

thou shalt offer thine oblations, and thy sacraments, unto the Most High confessing thy sins unto thy brethren, and before the Lord.
3. And on this day thou shalt do none other thing, only let thy food be prepared with singleness of heart, that thy fasting may be perfect; or in other words, that thy joy may be full. Verily this is fasting and prayer; or, in other words, rejoicing and prayer.
4. And inasmuch as ye do these things, with thanksgiving, with cheerful hearts, and countenances not with much laughter, for this is sin but with a glad heart and a cheerful countenance; verily I say, that inasmuch as ye do this the fullness of the earth is yours: the beasts of the fields, and the fowls of the air, and that which climbeth upon the trees, and walketh upon the earth; yea, and the herb, and the good things which cometh of the earth, whether for food or for raiment, or for houses or for barns, or for orchards, or for gardens, or for vineyards; yea, all things which cometh of the earth, in the season thereof, are made for the benefit and the use of man, both to please the eye, and to gladden the heart; yea, for food and for raiment, for taste and for smell, to strengthen the body, and to enliven the soul.
5. And it pleaseth God that he hath given all these things unto man; for unto this end were they made, to be used with judgment, not to excess, neither by extortion: and in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments. Behold, this is according to the law and the prophets: wherefore trouble me no more concerning this matter, but learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come. I, the Lord, have spoken it and the Spirit beareth record. Amen.
5 l. Behold, thus saith the Lord unto the elders of his church, who are to return speedily to the land from whence they came. Behold, it pleaseth me, that you have come up hither; but with some I am not well pleased, for they will not open their mouths, but hide the talent which I have given unto them, because of the fear of man. Woe unto such, for mine anger is kindled against them.
2. And it shall come to pass, if they are not more faithful unto me, it shall be taken away, even that which they have, for I, the Lord, ruleth in the heavens above, and among the armies of the earth; and in the day when I shall make up my jewels, all men shall know what it is that bespeaketh the power of God. But verily I will speak unto you concerning your journey unto the land from whence you came. Let there be a craft made, or bought, as seemeth you good, it mattereth not unto me, and take your journey speedily for the place which is called St. Louis. And from thence let my servants Sidney Rigdon, and Joseph Smith, Jr., and Oliver Cowdery take their journey for Cincinnati: and in this place let them lift up their voice and declare my word with loud voices, without wrath or doubting, lifting up holy hands upon them. For I am able to make you holy, and your sins are forgiven you.
3. And let the residue take their journey from St. Louis, two by two, and preach the word, not in haste, among the congregations of the wicked, until they return to the churches from whence they came. And all this for the good of the churches; for this intent have I sent them. And let my servant Edward Partridge impart of the money which I have

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On Tuesday, August 9, in company with ten elders, Joseph started for Kirtland. They left Independence Landing in canoes, and went the first day as far as Fort Osage.

The night of the third day they encamped on the bank of the river, at McIlwain's Bend, and the next morning (Friday, the 12th) after prayer Joseph received another revelation. 6

given him, a portion unto mine elders, who are commanded to return; and he that is able, let him return it by the way of the agent, and he that is not, of him it is not required. And now I speak of the residue who are to come unto this land. Behold, they have been sent to preach my gospel among the congregations of the wicked; wherefore, I give unto them a commandment thus: Thou shalt not idle away thy time; neither shalt thou bury thy talent that it may not be known.
4. And after thou hast come up unto the land of Zion, and hast proclaimed my word, thou shalt speedily return, proclaiming my word among the congregations of the wicked. Not in haste, neither in wrath nor with strife; and shake off the dust of thy feet against those who receive thee not, not in their presence, lest thou provoke them, but in secret, and wash thy feet as a testimony against them in the day of judgment. Behold, this is sufficient for you, and the will of him who hath sent you. And by the mouth of my servant Joseph Smith, Jr., it shall be made known concerning Sidney Rigdon and Oliver Cowdery, the residue hereafter. Even so. Amen.
6 1. Behold, and hearken unto the voice of him who has all power who is from everlasting to everlasting, even Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Behold, verily thus saith the Lord unto you, O ye elders of my church, who are assembled upon this spot, whose sins are now forgiven you, for I the Lord forgiveth sins, and am merciful unto those who confess their sins with humble hearts; but verily I say unto you, that it is not needful for this whole company of mine elders, to be moving swiftly upon the waters, whilst the inhabitants on either side are perishing in unbelief; nevertheless, I suffered it that ye might bear record; behold, there are many dangers upon the waters and more especially hereafter, for I the Lord have decreed, in mine anger, many destructions upon the waters; yea, and especially upon these waters; nevertheless, all flesh is in mine hand, and he that is faithful among you, shall not perish by the waters.
2. Wherefore it is expedient that my servant Sidney Gilbert, and my servant William W. Phelps, be in haste upon their errand and mission; nevertheless I would not suffer that ye should part until you are chastened for all your sins, that you might be one; that you might not perish in wickedness; but now verily I say, It behooveth me that ye should part; wherefore let my servants Sidney Gilbert and William W. Phelps, take their former company, and let them take their journey in haste that they may fill their mission, and through faith they shall overcome; and inasmuch as they are faithful, they shall be preserved, and I, the Lord will be with them. And let the residue take that which is needful for clothing. Let my servant Sidney Gilbert take that which is not needful with him, as you shall agree. And now, behold, for your good, I gave unto you a commandment concerning these things; and I, the Lord, will reason with you as with men in days of old.

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The next day (Saturday, the 13th) they met several of the elders who were on their way to the land of Zion, and joyful

3. Behold, I, the Lord, in the beginning, blessed the waters, but in the last days by the mouth of my servant John, I cursed the waters; wherefore the days will come that no flesh shall be safe upon the waters, and it shall be said in days to come, that none is able to go up to the land of Zion, upon the waters, but he that is upright in heart. And, as I, the Lord, in the beginning cursed the land, even so in the last days have I blessed it, in its time, for the use of my saints, that they may partake the fatness thereof. And now I give unto you a commandment, and what I say unto one I say unto all, that you shall forewarn your brethren concerning these waters, that they come not in journeying upon them, lest their faith fail and they are caught in her snares; I, the Lord, have decreed, and the destroyer rideth upon the face thereof, and I revoke not the decree; I, the Lord, was angry with you yesterday, but to-day mine anger is turned away. Wherefore let those concerning whom I have spoken, that should take their journey in haste-again I say unto you, Let them take their journey in haste, and it mattereth not unto me, after a little if it so be that they fill their mission, whether they go by water or by land; let this be as it is made known unto them according to their judgments hereafter.
4. And now, concerning my servants Sidney Rigdon, and Joseph Smith, Jr., and Oliver Cowdery, let them come not again upon the waters, save it be upon the canal, while journeying unto their homes, or, in other words, they shall not come upon the waters to journey, save upon the canal. Behold, I, the Lord, have appointed a way for the journeying of my saints, and, behold, this is the way; that after they leave the canal, they shall journey by land, inasmuch as they are commanded to journey and go up unto the land of Zion; and they shall do like unto the children of Israel, pitching their tents by the way.
5. And, behold, this commandment you shall give unto all your brethren; nevertheless unto whom it is given power to command the waters, unto him it is given by the Spirit to know all his ways; wherefore let him do as the Spirit of the living God commandeth him, whether upon the land or upon the waters, as it remaineth with me to do hereafter; and unto you it is given the course for the saints, or the way for the saints of the camp of the Lord, to journey. And again, verily I say unto you, My servants Sidney Rigdon, and Joseph Smith, Jr., and Oliver Cowdery, shall not open their mouths in the congregations of the wicked, until they arrive at Cincinnati; and in that place they shall lift up their voices unto God against that people; yea, unto him whose anger is kindled against their wickedness; a people who are well-nigh ripened for destruction; and from thence let them journey for the congregations of their brethren, for their labors, even now, are wanted more abundantly among them, than among the congregations of the wicked.
6. And now concerning the residue, let them journey and declare the word among the congregations of the wicked, inasmuch as it is given, and inasmuch as they do this they shall rid their garments, and they shall be spotless before me; and let them journey together, or two by two, as seemeth them good, only let my servant Reynolds Cahoon, and my servant Samuel H. Smith, with whom I am well pleased, be not separated until they return to their homes, and this for a wise purpose in me. And now verily I say unto you, and what I say unto one I say unto all, Be of good cheer, little children, for I am in your midst, and I have not forsaken you, and inasmuch as you have humbled yourselves before me, the blessings of the kingdom are yours. Gird up your

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were their salutations. On this occasion Joseph received a revelation. 7

Joseph writes of the remainder of his journey as follows:-

"After this little meeting of the elders, myself, and Sidney Rigdon, and Oliver Cowdery continued our journey by land to St. Louis, where we overtook Brothers Phelps and Gilbert. From this place we took stage, and they went by water to Kirtland, where we arrived safe and well, on the 27th. Many things transpired upon this journey to strengthen our faith, and displayed the goodness of God in such a marvelous manner that we could not help beholding the exertions of Satan to blind the eyes of the people, so as to hide the true light that lights every man that comes into the world. In these infant days of the church there was a great anxiety to obtain the word of the Lord upon every subject that in any way concerned our salvation; and as 'the land of Zion' was now the most important temporal object in view, I inquired of the Lord for further information upon the gathering of the saints and the purchase

loins and be watchful, and be sober, looking forth for the coming of the Son of Man, for he cometh in an hour you think not. Pray always that you enter not into temptation, that you may abide the day of his coming, whether in life or in death. Even so. Amen.
7 l. Behold, and hearken, O ye elders of my church, saith the Lord your God; even Jesus Christ, your Advocate; who knoweth the weakness of man and how to succor them who are tempted; and verily mine eyes are upon those who have not as yet gone up unto the land of Zion wherefore your mission is not yet full; nevertheless ye are blessed, for the testimony which ye have borne is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon, and they rejoice over you, and your sins are forgiven you.
2. And now continue your journey. Assemble yourselves upon the land of Zion, and hold a meeting and rejoice together, and offer a sacrament unto the Most High; and then you may return to bear record; yea even all together, or two by two, as seemeth you good; it mattereth not unto me, only be faithful, and declare glad tidings unto the inhabitants of the earth or among the congregations of the wicked. Behold, I, the Lord, have brought you together that the promise might be fulfilled, that the faithful among you should be preserved and rejoice together in the land of Missouri. I, the Lord, promised the faithful and cannot lie.
3. I, the Lord, am willing, if any among you desireth to ride upon horses, or upon mules, or in chariots, he shall receive this blessing, if he receive it from the hand of the Lord, with a thankful heart in all things. These things remain with you to do according to judgment and the directions of the Spirit. Behold, the kingdom is yours. And, behold and lo, I am with the faithful always. Even so. Amen.

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of the land and other matters."-Times and Seasons, vol. 6, p. 465.

On this occasion and in answer to this petition he received revelation. 8

8 1. Hearken, O ye people, and open your hearts, and give ear from afar; and listen, you that call yourselves the people of the Lord, and hear the word of the Lord, and his will concerning you; yea, verily, I say, Hear the word of him whose anger is kindled against the wicked and rebellious; who willeth to take even them whom he will take, and preserveth in life them whom he will preserve; who buildeth up at his own will and pleasure; and destroyeth when he pleases, and is able to cast the soul down to hell.
2. Behold, I, the Lord, utter my voice, and it shall be obeyed. Wherefore, verily I say, Let the wicked take heed, and let the rebellious fear and tremble; and let the unbelieving hold their lips, for the day of wrath shall come upon them as a whirlwind and all flesh shall know that I am God. And he that seeketh signs shall see signs, but not unto salvation.
3. Verily, I say unto you, There are those among you who seek signs, and there have been such even from the beginning; but, behold, faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those that believe. Yea, signs cometh by faith, not by the will of men, nor as they please, but by the will of God. Yea, signs cometh by faith, unto mighty works, for without faith no man pleaseth God: and with whom God is angry he is not well pleased: wherefore, unto such he showeth no signs, only in wrath unto their condemnation.
4. Wherefore, I, the Lord, am not pleased with those among you, who have sought after signs and wonders for faith, and not for the good of men unto my glory; nevertheless, I gave commandments and many have turned away from my commandments and have not kept them. There were among you adulterers and adulteresses some of whom have turned away from you, and others remain with you, that hereafter shall be revealed. Let such beware and repent speedily, lest judgment shall come upon them as a snare, and their folly shall be made manifest, and their works shall follow them in the eyes of the people.
5. And verily I say unto you as I have said before, He that looketh on woman to lust after her, or if any shall commit adultery in their hearts, they shall not have the Spirit, but shall deny the faith and shall fear: wherefore, I, the Lord, have said that the fearful, and the unbelieving and all liars, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie, and the whore monger, and the sorcerer, shall have their part in that lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. Verily I say, that they shall not have part in the first resurrection.
6. And now, behold, I, the Lord, saith unto you, that ye are not justified because these things are among you; nevertheless he that endureth in faith and doeth my will, the same shall overcome, and shall receive an inheritance upon the earth, when the day of transfiguration shall come; when the earth shall be transfigured, even according to the pattern which was shown unto mine apostles upon the mount; of which account the fullness ye have not yet received.
7. And now, verily I say unto you, that as I said that I would make known my will unto you, behold, I will make it known unto you, not by the way of commandment, for there are many who observe not to keep my commandments; but unto him that keepeth my commandments, I will give the mysteries of my kingdom, and the same shall be in him a well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life.

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The early part of September, 1831, was spent by Joseph in preparing to remove to the town of Hiram for the purpose of engaging in the translation of the Bible. Some brethren had been selected according to the last revelation to go up to Zion, and they were busily engaged in getting ready to start in October.

8. And now, behold, this is the will of the Lord your God concerning his saints, that they should assemble themselves together unto the land of Zion, not in haste, lest there should be confusion, which bringeth pestilence. Behold, the land of Zion, I, the Lord, holdeth it in mine own hands; nevertheless, I, the Lord, rendereth unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's: wherefore I, the Lord, willeth, that you should purchase the lands, that you may have advantage of the world, that you may have claim on the world, that they may not be stirred up unto anger; for Satan putteth it into their hearts to anger against you, and to the shedding of blood; wherefore the land of Zion shall not be obtained but by purchase, or by blood, otherwise there is none inheritance for you. And if by purchase, behold, you are blessed; and if by blood, as you are forbidden to shed blood, lo, your enemies are upon you, and ye shall be scourged from city to city, and from synagogue to synagogue, and but few shall stand to receive an inheritance.
9. I, the Lord, am angry with the wicked; I am holding my Spirit from the inhabitants of the earth. I have sworn in my wrath and decreed wars upon the face of the earth, and the wicked shall slay the wicked, and fear shall come upon every man, and the saints also shall hardly escape; nevertheless, I, the Lord, am with them, and will come down in heaven from the presence of my Father, and consume the wicked with unquenchable fire. And, behold, this is not yet, but by and by; wherefore seeing that I, the Lord, have decreed all these things upon the face of the earth, I willeth that my saints should be assembled upon the land of Zion; and that every man should take righteousness in his hands, and faithfulness upon his loins, and lift a warning voice unto the inhabitants of the earth; and declare both by word and by flight that desolation shall come upon the wicked. Wherefore let my disciples in Kirtland arrange their temporal concerns, which dwell upon this farm.
10. Let my servant Titus Billings who has the care thereof, dispose of the land, that he may be prepared in the coming spring, to take his journey up unto the land of Zion, with those that dwell upon the face thereof, excepting those whom I shall reserve unto myself, that shall not go until I shall command them. And let all the moneys which can be spared, it mattereth not unto me whether it be little or much, be sent up unto the land of Zion, unto them whom I have appointed to receive.
11. Behold, I, the Lord, will give unto my servant Joseph Smith, Jr., power that he shall be enabled to discern by the Spirit those who shall go up unto the land of Zion, and those of my disciples who shall tarry.
12. Let my servant Newel K. Whitney retain his store, or, in other words, the store yet for a little season. Nevertheless let him impart all the money which he can impart, to be sent up unto the land of Zion. Behold, these things are in his own hands, let him do according to wisdom. Verily I say, Let him be ordained as an agent unto the disciples that shall tarry, and let him be ordained unto this power; and now speedily visit the churches, expounding these things unto them, with my servant Oliver Cowdery. Behold, this is my will, obtaining moneys even as I have directed.

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On Sunday, the 11th of September, a revelation was received concerning the duties of certain individuals, and containing some further items concerning Zion, also some instruction concerning repentance. 9

13. He that is faithful and endureth shall overcome the world. He that sendeth up treasures unto the land of Zion, shall receive an inheritance in this world, and his works shall follow him; and also a reward in the world to come: yea, and blessed are the dead that die in the Lord from henceforth, when the Lord shall come, and old things shall pass away, and all things become new, they shall rise from the dead and shall not die after, and shall receive an inheritance before the Lord, in the holy city, and he that liveth when the Lord shall come, and has kept the faith, blessed is he; nevertheless it is appointed to him to die at the age of man; wherefore children shall grow up until they become old, old men shall die; but they shall not sleep in the dust, but they shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye; wherefore, for this cause preached the apostles unto the world the resurrection of the dead: these things are the things that ye must look for, and speaking after the manner of the Lord, they are now nigh at hand; and in a time to come, even in the day of the coming of the Son of Man, and until that hour, there will be foolish virgins among the wise, and at that hour cometh an entire separation of the righteous and the wicked; and in that day will I send mine angels, to pluck out the wicked, and cast them into unquenchable fire.
14. And now, behold, verily I say unto you, I, the Lord, am not pleased with my servant Sidney Rigdon, he exalted himself in his heart, and received not counsel; but grieved the Spirit; wherefore his writing is not acceptable unto the Lord, and he shall make another, and if the Lord receive it not, behold, he standeth no longer in the office which I have appointed him.
15. And again, verily I say unto you, Those who desire in their hearts, in meekness, to warn sinners to repentance, let them be ordained unto this power; for this is a day of warning, and not a day of many words. For I, the Lord, am not to be mocked in the last days. Behold, I am from above, and my power lieth beneath. I am over all, and in all, and through all, and searcheth all things; and the day cometh that all things shall be subject unto me. Behold, I am Alpha and Omega, even Jesus Christ. Wherefore let all men beware how they take my name in their lips; for, behold, verily I say, that many there be who are under this condemnation; who useth the name of the Lord, and useth it in vain having not authority. Wherefore, let the church repent of their sins, and I, the Lord, will own them, otherwise they shall be cut off.
16. Remember that that which cometh from above is sacred, and must be spoken with care, and by constraint of the Spirit, and in this there is no condemnation; and ye receive the Spirit through prayer; wherefore without this there remaineth condemnation. Let my servants Joseph Smith, Jr., and Sidney Rigdon, seek them a home as they are taught through prayer, by the Spirit. These things remain to overcome, through patience, that such may receive a more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; otherwise, a greater condemnation. Amen.
9 1. Behold, thus saith the Lord your God unto you, O ye elders of my church, Hearken ye, and hear, and receive my will concerning you; for verily I say unto you, I will that ye should overcome the world; wherefore I will have compassion upon you. There are those among you who have sinned; but verily I say, For this once, for mine own glory, and for the salvation of souls, I have forgiven you your sins.

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Provision was made about this time for the establishment of a printing press in Jackson County, Missouri. Joseph writes:-

"On the 12th of September I removed with my family to the township of Hiram, and commenced living with John Johnson. Hiram was in Portage County and about thirty

2. I will be merciful unto you, for I have given unto you the kingdom; and the keys of the mysteries of the kingdom, shall not be taken from my servant Joseph Smith, Jr., through the means I have appointed, while he liveth, inasmuch as he obeyeth mine ordinances. There are those who have sought occasion against him without cause; nevertheless he has sinned, but verily I say unto you, I, the Lord, forgiveth sins unto those who confess their sins before me, and ask forgiveness, who have not sinned unto death. My disciples, in days of old, sought occasion against one another, and forgave not one another in their hearts, and for this evil they were afflicted, and sorely chastened; wherefore I say unto you, that ye ought to forgive one another, for he that forgiveth not his brother his trespasses, standeth condemned before the Lord, for there remaineth in him the greater sin. I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men; and ye ought to say in your hearts, Let God judge between me and thee, and reward thee according to thy deeds. And he that repenteth not of his sins, and confesseth them not, then ye shall bring him before the church, and do with him as the scriptures saith unto you, either by commandment, or by revelation. And this ye shall do that God might be glorified, not because ye forgive not, having not compassion, but that ye may be justified in the eyes of the law, that ye may not offend him who is your Lawgiver.
3. Verily I say, For this cause ye shall do these things. Behold, I, the Lord, was angry with him who was my servant Ezra Booth; and also my servant Isaac Morley; for they kept not the law, neither the commandments; they sought evil in their hearts and I the Lord, withheld my Spirit. They condemned for evil, that thing in which there was no evil; nevertheless, I have forgiven my servant Isaac Morley. And also my servant Edward Partridge, behold, he hath sinned, and Satan seeketh to destroy his soul; but when these things are made known unto them, they repent of the evil, and they shall be forgiven.
4. And now, verily I say, that it is expedient in me that my servant Sidney Gilbert, after a few weeks, should return upon his business, and to his agency in the land of Zion; and that which he hath seen and heard may be made known unto my disciples, that they perish not. And for this cause have I spoken these things. And again, I say unto you, that my servant Isaac Morley may not be tempted above that which he is able to bear, and counsel wrongfully to your hurt, I gave commandment that his farm should be sold. I willeth not that my servant Frederick G. Williams should sell his farm, for I, the Lord, willeth to retain a strong hold in the land of Kirtland, for the space of five years, in the which I will not overthrow the wicked, that thereby I may save some; and after that day, I, the Lord, will not hold any guilty that shall go with an open heart, up to the land of Zion; for I, the Lord, requireth the hearts of the children of men.
5. Behold, now it is called to-day (until the coming of the Son of Man) and verily it is a day of sacrifice, and a day for the tithing of my people, for he that is tithed shall not be burned (at his coming); for after to-day cometh the burning: this is speaking after the manner of the Lord; for

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miles southeasterly from Kirtland. From this time until the fore part of October I did little more than to prepare to recommence the translation of the Bible. About this time Ezra Booth came out as an apostate. He came into the church upon seeing a person healed of an infirmity of many years standing. He had been a Methodist priest for some time previous to his embracing the fullness of the gospel as developed in the Book of Mormon, and upon his admission into the church he was ordained an elder, as will be seen by the foregoing revelations. He went up to Missouri as a companion of Elder Morley, but when he actually learned that faith, humility, patience, and tribulation, were before blessing; and that God brought low before he exalted; that instead of 'the Savior's granting him power to smite men, and make them believe' (as he said he wanted God to do him), he found he must become all things to all men that he might peradventure save some, and that too by all diligence, by perils by sea and land; as was the case in the days of

verily I say, To-morrow all the proud and they that do wickedly shall be as stubble; and I will burn them up, for I am the Lord of hosts and I will not spare any that remaineth in Babylon. Wherefore, if ye believe me, ye will labor while it is called to-day. And it is not meet that my servants Newel K. Whitney and Sidney Gilbert should sell their store, and their possessions here, for this is not wisdom until the residue of the church, which remaineth in this place, shall go up unto the land of Zion.
6. Behold, it is said in my laws, or forbidden, to get in debt to thine enemies; but, behold, it is not said at any time, that the Lord should not take when he please, and pay as seemeth him good: wherefore, as ye are agents, and ye are on the Lord's errand; and whatever ye do according to the will of the Lord, is the Lord's business, and he hath set you to provide for his saints in these last days, that they may obtain an inheritance in the land of Zion, and, behold, I, the Lord, declare unto you, and my words are sure and shall not fail, that they shall obtain it; but all things must come to pass in their time; wherefore be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.
7. Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days; and the rebellious shall be cut off out of the land of Zion, and shall be sent away, and shall not inherit the land; for, verily, I say that the rebellious are not of the blood of Ephraim, wherefore they shall be plucked out. Behold, I, the Lord, have made my church in these last days, like unto a judge sitting on a hill, or in a high place, to judge the nations; for it shall come to pass, that the inhabitants of Zion shall judge all things pertain, to Zion; and liars, and hypocrites shall be proved by them, and they who are not apostles and prophets shall be known.
8. And even the bishop, who is a judge, and his counselors, if they are not faithful in their stewardships, shall be condemned, and others shall

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Jesus, which appears in the sixth chapter of St. John's gospel, he said: 'Verily, verily I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled.' So it was with Booth, and when he was disappointed by his own evil heart, he turned away, and as said before, became an apostate, and wrote a series of letters which by their coloring, falsity, and vain calculations to overthrow the work or the Lord, exposed his weakness, wickedness, and folly, and left him a monument of his own shame for the world to wonder at.

"A conference was held, in which Brother W. W. Phelps was instructed to stop at Cincinnati on his way to Missouri and purchase a press and type for the purpose of establishing and publishing a monthly paper at Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, to be called the Evening and Morning Star. The first Sunday in October, Orson Hyde, a clerk in Brothers Sidney Gilbert and Newel K. Whitney's store, in Kirtland, was baptized and became a member of the church. As he was soon after designated as one of the chosen men of the Lord, to bear his word to the nations, I feel a desire to notice him as he was and as he is. He was, in his own words, left in his infancy, an orphan with none to look upon him with a father's eye, and feel for him with a mother's heart. The hand that wiped his infant tears was still; the breast that gave him suck was cold, and slumbered in the arms of death. He was thrust abroad upon the cold and friendless bosom of an unfeeling world, so that for twenty long years he saw no one in whose veins flowed a drop of kindred blood, and consequently grew up as a wild and uncultivated plant of nature, and now had come into the new and everlasting covenant, to be renewed and receive grace for grace, and put himself under the fatherly care of Him whose yoke is easy, and whose burden is light; and who rewardeth his sons and daughters, who serve

be planted in their stead; for, behold, I say unto you that Zion shall flourish, and the glory of the Lord shall be upon her, and she shall be an ensign unto the people, and there shall come unto her out of every nation under heaven. And the day shall come, when the nations of the earth shall tremble because of her, and shall fear because of her terrible ones The Lord hath spoken it. Amen.

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him faithfully to the end, with eternal life."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 481.

Early in October a revelation was given. 10 Joseph continues as follows:-

"Soon after the above revelation was received I recommenced the translation of the Scriptures, in company with Elder Rigdon, who had removed to Hiram to act in his office of scribe to me. On the 11th of October a conference was held at Brother Johnson's, where I was living, at which the elders were instructed in the ancient manner of conducting meetings, of which knowledge most of them were ignorant. A committee of six were appointed to instruct the several branches of the church. Elders David Whitmer and Reynolds Cahoon were appointed as two of the said committee, with the further duty on their mission, of setting forth the condition of Bro. Joseph Smith, Jr., and Sidney Rigdon, that they might obtain means to continue the translation. This conference was adjourned till the 25th of October, to meet at the house of Serems Burnett, in Orange, Cuyahoga County. On the 21st I attended a special conference to settle a difficulty which had occurred in Kirtland, on account that William Cahoon and Peter Devolve had abused one of Brother Whitney's children. Myself and Elder Rigdon were appointed to go to Kirtland and settle the difficulty, which we did. At the conference, on the 25th, at Orange, twelve high priests, seventeen elders, four priests,

10 1. Hearken, and lo, a voice as of one from on high, who is mighty and powerful, whose going forth is unto the ends of the earth; yea, whose voice is unto men, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. The keys of the kingdom of God are committed unto man on the earth, and from thence shall the gospel roll forth unto the ends of the earth, as the stone which is cut out of the mountain without hands shall roll forth, until it has filled the whole earth; yea, a voice crying, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, prepare ye the supper of the Lamb, make ready for the Bridegroom; pray unto the Lord; call upon his holy name; make known his wonderful works among the people, call upon the Lord, that his kingdom may go forth upon the earth; that the inhabitants thereof may receive it, and be prepared for the days to come in the which the Son of Man shall come down in heaven, clothed in the brightness of his glory to meet the kingdom of God which is set up on the earth; wherefore, may the kingdom of God go forth, that the kingdom of heaven may come, that thou, O God, may be glorified in heaven, so on earth that thy enemies may be subdued; for thine is the honor, power, and glory, forever and ever. Amen.

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three teachers, and four deacons, together with a large congregation attended. Much business was done, and the four remaining committee, authorized by the conference at Hiram, on the 11th, were appointed, and consisted of Simeon Carter, Orson Hyde, Hyrum Smith, and Emer Harris."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 482.

About this time a revelation was given to W. E. McLellin. 11

A special conference was held, probably at Hiram, on Tuesday, November 1, on account of the proposed departure of Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer for Missouri. At this conference further instruction was given and a preface to the Book of Commandments revealed. 12

11 l. Behold, thus saith the Lord, unto my servant, William E. McLellin, Blessed are you, inasmuch as you have turned away from your iniquities, and have received my truths, saith the Lord your Redeemer the Savior of the world, even of as many as believe on my name. Verily I say unto you, Blessed are you for receiving mine everlasting covenant, even the fullness of my gospel, sent forth unto the children of men that they might have life, and be made partakers of the glories, which are to be revealed in the last days, as it was written by the prophets and apostles in days of old.
2. Verily I say unto you, my servant William, that you are clean, but not all; repent therefore of those things which are not pleasing in my sight, saith the Lord, for the Lord will show them unto you. And now verily I, the Lord, will show unto you what I will concerning you, or what is my will concerning you; behold, verily I say unto you, that it is my will that you should proclaim my gospel from land to land, and from city to city; yea, in those regions round about where it has not been proclaimed.
3. Tarry not many days in this place; go not up unto the land of Zion as yet; but inasmuch as you can send, send; otherwise think not of thy property. Go unto the eastern lands; bear testimony in every place unto every people, and in their synagogues; reasoning with the people.
4. Let my servant Samuel H. Smith go with you, and forsake him not and give him thine instructions; and he that is faithful shall be made strong in every place, and I, the Lord, will go with you.
5. Lay your hands upon the sick and they shall recover. Return not till I, the Lord, shall send you. Be patient in affliction. Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Seek not to be cumbered. Forsake all unrighteousness. Commit not adultery, a temptation with which thou hast been troubled. Keep these sayings for they are true and faithful, and thou shalt magnify thine office, and push many people to Zion, with songs of everlasting joy upon their heads. Continue in these things, even unto the end, and you shall have a crown of eternal life at the right hand of my Father, who is full of grace and truth. Verily thus saith the Lord your God, your Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. Amen.
12 1. Hearken, O ye people of my church, saith the voice of him who dwells on high, and whose eyes are upon all men; yea, verily I say Hearken ye people from afar, and ye that are upon the islands of the sea

(page 221)

listen together; for verily the voice of the Lord is unto all men, and there is none to escape, and there is no eye that shall not see, neither ear that shall not hear, neither heart that shall not be penetrated; and the rebellious shall be pierced with much sorrow, for their iniquities shall be spoken upon the house tops, and their secret acts shall be revealed; and the voice of warning shall be unto all people, by the mouths of my disciples, whom I have chosen in these last days, and they shall go forth and none shall stay them, for I the Lord have commanded them.
2. Behold, this is mine authority, and the authority of my servants, and my preface unto the book of my commandments, which I have given them to publish unto you, O inhabitants of the earth; wherefore fear and tremble, O ye people, for what I the Lord have decreed, in them, shall be fulfilled. And verily, I say unto you, that they who go forth, bearing these tidings unto the inhabitants of the earth, to them is power given to seal, both on earth and in heaven, the unbelieving and rebellious; yea, verily, to seal them up unto the day when the wrath of God shall be poured out upon the wicked without measure; unto the day when the Lord shall come to recompense unto every man according to his work, and measure to every man according to the measure which he has measured to his fellow-man.
3. Wherefore the voice of the Lord is unto the ends of the earth, that all that will hear may hear: prepare ye, prepare ye for that which is to come, for the Lord is nigh; and the anger of the Lord is kindled, and his sword is bathed in heaven, and it shall fall upon the inhabitants of the earth; and the arm of the Lord shall he revealed; and the day cometh that they who will not hear the voice of the Lord, neither the voice of his servants, neither give heed to the words of the prophets and apostles, shall be cut off from among the people; for they have strayed from mine ordinances, and have broken mine everlasting covenant; they seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, whose image is in the likeness of the world and whose substance is that of an idol, which waxeth old and shall perish in Babylon, even Babylon the great, which shall fall.
4. Wherefore I the Lord, knowing the calamity which should come upon the inhabitants of the earth, called upon my servant Joseph Smith, Jr., and spake unto him from heaven, and gave him commandments, and also gave commandments to others, that they should proclaim these things unto the world; and all this that it might be fulfilled, which was written by the prophets, the weak things of the world shall come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones, that man should not counsel his fellow-man, neither trust in the arm of flesh, but that every man might speak in the name of God the Lord, even the Savior of the world; that faith also might increase in the earth; that mine everlasting covenant might be established; that the fullness of my gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple, unto the ends of the world, and before kings and rulers.
5. Behold, I am God, and have spoken it; these commandments are of me, and were given unto my servants in their weakness, after the manner of their language, that they might come to understanding; and inasmuch as they erred it might be made known; and inasmuch as they sought wisdom they might be instructed; and inasmuch as they sinned they might be chastened, that they might repent; and inasmuch as they were humble, they might be made strong, and blessed from on high, and receive knowledge from time to time; and after having received the record of the Nephites, yea, even my servant Joseph Smith, Jr., might have power to translate, through the mercy of God, by the power of God, the Book of Mormon; and also those to whom these commandments were given might have power to lay the foundation of this church

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There was some murmuring among the elders about this time regarding the language in which the revelations were couched, whereupon the following was given. 13

and to bring it forth out of obscurity, and out of darkness, the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth, with which I the Lord am well pleased, speaking unto the church collectively and not individually; for I the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance; nevertheless, he that repents and does the commandments of the Lord shall be forgiven; and he that repents not, from him shall be taken even the light which he has received, for my Spirit shall not always strive with man, saith the Lord of hosts.
6. And again, verily I say unto you, O inhabitants of the earth, I the Lord am willing to make these things known unto all flesh, for I am no respecter of persons, and willeth that all men shall know that the day speedily cometh, the hour is not yet, but is nigh at hand, when peace shall be taken from the earth, and the Devil shall have power over his own dominion; and also the Lord shall have power over his saints and shall reign in their midst, and shall come down in judgment upon Idumea, or the world.
7. Search these commandments, for they are true and faithful, and the prophecies and promises which are in them shall all be fulfilled.
8. What I the Lord have spoken I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice, or by the voice of my servants, it is the same; for, behold, and lo, the Lord is God, and the Spirit beareth record, and the record is true, and the truth abideth forever and ever. Amen.
13 1. Behold, and hearken, O ye elders of my church, who have assembled yourselves together, whose prayers I have heard, and whose hearts I know, and whose desires have come up before me. Behold, and lo mine eyes are upon you; and the heavens and the earth are in mine hands, and the riches of eternity are mine to give. Ye endeavored to believe that ye should receive the blessing which was offered unto you, but, behold, verily, I say unto you, There were fears in your hearts; and verily this is the reason that ye did not receive.
2. And now, I, the Lord, give unto you a testimony of the truth of these commandments which are lying before you; your eyes have been upon my servant Joseph Smith, Jr., and his language you have known; and his imperfections you have known; and you have sought in your hearts knowledge, that you might express beyond his language: this you also know: now seek ye out of the Book of Commandments, even the least that is among them, and appoint him that is the most wise among you; or if there be any among you, that shall make one like unto it, then ye are justified in saying that ye do not know that they are true; but if ye cannot make one like unto it, ye are under condemnation if ye do not bear record that they are true; for ye know that there is no unrighteousness in them; and that which is righteous cometh down from above, from the Father of lights.
3. And again, verily I say unto you, that it is your privilege, and a promise I give unto you that have been ordained unto this ministry, that inasmuch as you strip yourselves from jealousies and fears, and humble yourselves before me, for ye are not sufficiently humble, the veil shall be rent, and you shall see me and know that I am; not with the carnal neither natural mind, but with the spiritual; for no man has seen God at

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William E. McLellin made the effort to imitate one of the revelations, and failed. Joseph says of this effort: "The elders and all present that witnessed this vain attempt of a man to imitate the language of Jesus Christ, renewed their faith in the fullness of the gospel, and in the truth of the commandment's and revelations which the Lord had given to the church through my instrumentality; and the elders signified a willingness to bear testimony of their truth to all the world."

Following this a revelation was given to Orson Hyde, Luke Johnson, Lyman Johnson, and William E. McLellin. 14

any time in the flesh, except quickened by the Spirit of God; neither can any natural man abide the presence of God; neither after the carnal mind; ye are not able to abide the presence of God now, neither the ministering of angels; wherefore continue in patience until ye are perfected.
4. Let not your minds turn back, and when ye are worthy, in mine own due time, ye shall see and know that which was conferred upon you by the hands of my servant Joseph Smith, Jr. Amen.
14 1. My servant, Orson Hyde was called, by his ordinance, to proclaim the everlasting gospel, by the Spirit of the living God, from people to people, and from land to land, in the congregations of the wicked, in their synagogues, reasoning with, and expounding all scriptures unto them. And, behold, and lo, this is an ensample unto all those who were ordained unto this priesthood, whose mission is appointed unto them to go forth; and this is the ensample unto them, that they shall speak as they are moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and whatsoever they shall speak when moved upon by the Holy Ghost, shall be scripture, shall be the will of the Lord; shall be the mind of the Lord; shall be the word of the Lord; shall be the voice of the Lord, and the power of God unto salvation: behold, this is the promise of the Lord unto you, O ye my servants: wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I, the Lord, am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come. This is the word of the Lord unto you my servant, Orson Hyde, and also unto my servant, Luke Johnson, and unto my servant, Lyman Johnson, and unto my servant, William E. McLellin; and unto all the faithful elders of my church. Go ye into all the world; preach the gospel to every creature, acting in the authority which I have given you, baptizing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; and he that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned; and he that believeth shall be blessed with signs following, even as it is written; and unto you it shall be given to know the signs of the times and the signs of the coming of the Son of Man; and of as many as the Father shall bear record, to you it shall be given power to seal them up unto eternal life. Amen.
2. And now concerning the items in addition to the covenants and commandments, they are these: There remaineth hereafter in the due time of the Lord, other bishops to be set apart unto the church to minister even according to the first; wherefore they shall be high priests

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It was decided by the conference that Joseph Smith should arrange and get in readiness the revelations, and that Oliver Cowdery should carry them to Independence, Missouri, where W. W. Phelps had gone with a printing office, and have them published.

who are worthy, and they shall be appointed by the first presidency of the Melchisedec priesthood, except they be literal descendants of Aaron and if they be literal descendants of Aaron, they have a legal right to the bishopric, if they are the firstborn among the sons of Aaron; for the firstborn holds the right of the presidency over this priesthood, and the keys of authority of the same. No man has a legal right to this office, to hold the keys of this priesthood, except he be a literal descendant and the firstborn of Aaron, but as a high priest of the Melchisedec priesthood has authority to officiate in all the lesser offices, he may officiate in the office of bishop when no literal descendant of Aaron can be found; provided, he is called and set apart, and ordained unto this power under the hands of the first presidency of the Melchisedec priesthood. And a literal descendant of Aaron, also, must be designated by this presidency, and found worthy, and anointed, and ordained under the hands of this presidency, otherwise they are not legally authorized to officiate in their priesthood; but by virtue of the decree concerning their right of the priesthood descending from father to son, they may claim their anointing, if at any time they can prove their lineage, or do ascertain it by revelation from the Lord under the hands of the above-named presidency
3. And again, no bishop, or high priest, who shall be set apart for this ministry, shall be tried or condemned for any crime, save it be before the first presidency of the church; and inasmuch as he is found guilty before this presidency, by testimony that cannot be impeached, he shall be condemned, and if he repents he shall be forgiven, according to the covenants and commandments of the church.
4. And again, inasmuch as parents have children in Zion, or in any of her stakes which are organized, that teach them not to understand the doctrine of repentance; faith in Christ the Son of the living God; and of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of the hands when eight years old, the sin be upon the head of the parents; for this shall be a law unto the inhabitants of Zion, or in any of her stakes which are organized, and their children shall be baptized for the remission of their sins when eight years old, and receive the laying on of the hands: and they shall also teach their children to pray, and to walk uprightly before the Lord. And the inhabitants of Zion shall also observe the sabbath day to keep it holy. And the inhabitants of Zion, also, shall remember their labors, inasmuch as they are appointed to labor, in all faithfulness; for the idler shall be had in remembrance before the Lord. Now, I, the Lord, am not well pleased with the inhabitants of Zion, for there are idlers among them; and their children are also growing up in wickedness; they also seek not earnestly the riches of eternity, but their eyes are full of greediness. These things ought not to be, and must be done away from among them; wherefore let my servant Oliver Cowdery carry these sayings unto the land of Zion; And a commandment I give unto them, that he that observeth not his prayers before the Lord in the season thereof, let him be had in remembrance before the judge of my people. These sayings are true and faithful; wherefore transgress them not, neither take therefrom. Behold, I am Alpha and Omega, and I come quickly. Amen.

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The elders desired more information concerning the preaching of the gospel and the gathering, and in answer to importunities, received on Thursday. November 3, what is known as the appendix to the Book of Doctrine and Covenants. 15

15 1. Hearken, O ye people of my church, saith the Lord your God, and hear the word of the Lord concerning you; the Lord who shall suddenly come to his temple; the Lord who shall come down upon the world with a curse to judgment; yea, upon all the nations that forget God, and upon all the ungodly among you. For he shall make bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of their God.
2. Wherefore prepare ye, prepare ye, O my people; sanctify yourselves; gather ye together, O ye people of my church, upon the land of Zion all you that have not been commanded to tarry. Go ye out from Babylon. Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord. Call your solemn assemblies, and speak often one to another. And let every man call upon the name of the Lord; yea, verily I say unto you again, The time has come when the voice of the Lord is unto you, Go ye out of Babylon; gather ye out from among the nations, from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.
3. Send forth the elders of my church unto the nations which are afar off; unto the islands of the sea; send forth unto foreign lands; call upon all nations; firstly, upon the Gentiles, and then upon the Jews. And, behold, and lo, this shall be their cry, and the voice of the Lord unto all people: Go ye forth unto the land of Zion, that the borders of my people may be enlarged, and that her stakes may be strengthened, and that Zion may go forth unto the regions round about; yea, let the cry go forth among all people: Awake and arise and go forth to meet the Bridegroom. Behold, and lo, the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him. Prepare yourselves for the great day of the Lord.
4. Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour. Let them, therefore, who are among the Gentiles, flee unto Zion. And let them who be of Judah, flee unto Jerusalem, unto the mountains of the Lord's house. Go ye out from among the nations, even from Babylon, from the midst of wickedness, which is spiritual Babylon. But verily thus saith the Lord, Let not your flight be in haste, but let all things be prepared before you; and he that goeth, let him not look back, lest sudden destruction shall come upon him.
5. Hearken and hear O ye inhabitants of the earth. Listen ye elders of my church together, and hear the voice of the Lord, for he calleth upon all men and he commandeth all men everywhere to repent; for, behold, the Lord God hath sent forth the angel, crying through the midst of heaven, saying: Prepare ye the way of the Lord and make his paths straight, for the hour of his coming is nigh, when the Lamb shall stand upon Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads; wherefore, prepare ye for the coming of the Bridegroom; go ye, go ye out to meet him, for behold, he shall stand upon the Mount of Olivet, and upon the mighty ocean, even the great deep, and upon the islands of the sea, and upon the land of Zion; and he shall utter his voice out of Zion, and he shall speak from Jerusalem, and his voice shall be heard among all people, and it shall be a voice as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder, which shall break down the mountains, and the valleys shall not be found; he shall command the great deep and it shall be

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driven back into the north countries, and the islands shall become one land, and the land of Jerusalem and the land of Zion shall be turned back into their own place, and the earth shall be like as it was in the days before it was divided. And the Lord even the Savior shall stand in the midst of his people, and shall reign over all flesh.
6. And they who are in the north countries shall come in remembrance before the Lord, and their prophets shall hear his voice, and shall no longer stay themselves, and they shall smite the rocks, and the ice shall flow down at their presence. And an highway shall be cast up in the midst of the great deep. Their enemies shall become a prey unto them, and in the barren deserts there shall come forth pools of living water; and the parched ground shall no longer be a thirsty land. And they shall bring forth their rich treasures unto the children of Ephraim my servants. And the boundaries of the everlasting hills shall tremble at their presence. And then shall they fall down and be crowned with glory, even in Zion, by the hands of the servants of the Lord, even the children of Ephraim; and they shall be filled with songs of everlasting joy. Behold, this is the blessing of the everlasting God upon the tribes of Israel, and the richer blessing upon the head of Ephraim and his fellows. And they also of the tribe of Judah, after their pain, shall be sanctified in holiness before the Lord to dwell in his presence day and night forever and ever.
7. And now verily saith the Lord, That these things might be known among you, O inhabitants of the earth, I have sent forth mine angel, flying through the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel, who hath appeared unto some, and hath committed it unto man, who shall appear unto many that dwell on the earth; and this gospel shall be preached unto every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, and the servants of God shall go forth, saying, with a loud voice: Fear God and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and sea, and the fountains of waters, calling upon the name of the Lord day and night, saying: O that thou wouldst rend the heavens, that thou wouldst come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence. And it shall be answered upon their heads, for the presence of the Lord shall be as the melting fire that burneth, and as the fire which causeth the waters to boil.
8. O Lord, thou shalt come down to make thy name known to thine adversaries, and all nations shall tremble at thy presence. When thou doeth terrible things, things they look not for; yea, when thou comest down and the mountains flow down at thy presence, thou shalt meet him who rejoiceth and worketh righteousness, who remembereth thee in thy ways; for since the beginning of the world have not men heard nor perceived by the ear, neither hath any eye seen, O God, besides thee, how great things thou hast prepared for him that waiteth for thee.
9. And it shall be said, Who is this that cometh down from God in heaven with dyed garments; yea, from the regions which are not known, clothed in his glorious apparel, traveling in the greatness of his strength ? And he shall say, I am he who spake in righteousness, mighty to save. And the Lord shall be red in his apparel, and his garments like him that treadeth in the wine vat, and so great shall be the glory of his presence, that the sun shall hide his face in shame; and the moon shall withhold its light; and the stars shall be hurled from their places; and his voice shall be heard, I have trodden the wine press alone, and have brought judgment upon all people; and none was with me; and I have trampled them in my fury, and I did tread upon them in mine anger and their blood have I sprinkled upon my garments, and stained all my raiment; for this was the day of vengeance which was in my heart.

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Joseph Smith in prayer dedicated "the Book of Commandments and Revelations" to the service of Almighty God, after which he received a. commandment concerning John

10. And now the year of my redeemed is come, and they shall mention the loving kindness of their Lord, and all that he has bestowed upon them, according to his goodness, and according to his loving kindness, for ever and ever. In all their afflictions he was afflicted. And the angel of his presence saved them; and in his love, and in his pity, he redeemed them, and bare them, and carried them all the days of old; yea, and Enoch also, and they who were with him; the prophets who were before him, and Noah also, and they who were before him, and Moses also, and they who were before him, and from Moses to Elijah, and from Elijah to John, who were with Christ in his resurrection, and the holy apostles, with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, shall be in the presence of the Lamb. And the graves of the saints shall be opened, and they shall come forth and stand on the right hand of the Lamb, when he shall stand upon Mount Zion, and upon the holy city, the New Jerusalem, and they shall sing the song of the Lamb day and night forever and ever.
11. And for this cause, that men might be made partakers of the glories which were to be revealed, the Lord sent forth the fullness of his gospel, his everlasting covenant, reasoning in plainness and simplicity, to prepare the weak for those things which are coming on the earth; and for the Lord's errand in the day when the weak should confound the wise and the little one become a strong nation, and two should put their tens of thousands to flight; and by the weak things of the earth, the Lord should thresh the nations by the power of his Spirit. And for this cause these commandments were given; they were commanded to be kept from the world in the day that they were given, but now are to go forth unto all flesh. And this according to the mind and will of the Lord, who ruleth over all flesh; and unto him that repenteth and sanctifieth himself before the Lord, shall be given eternal life. And upon them that hearken not to the voice of the Lord, shall be fulfilled that which was written by the Prophet Moses, that they should be cut off from among the people.
12. And also that which was written by the Prophet Malachi: For behold, the day cometh that shall burn as an oven, and all the proud yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. Wherefore this shall be the answer of the Lord unto them: In that day when I came unto my own, no man among you received me, and you were driven out. When I called again, there was none of you to answer, yet my arm was not shortened at all, that I could not redeem, neither my power to deliver. Behold, at my rebuke I dry up the sea. I make the rivers a wilderness; their fish stinketh, and dieth for thirst. I clothe the heavens with blackness, and make sackcloth their covering. And this shall ye have of my hand, ye shall lay down in sorrow.
13. Behold, and lo, there are none to deliver you, for ye obeyed not my voice when I called to you out of the heavens, ye believed not my servants; and when they were sent unto you ye received them not; wherefore, they sealed up the testimony and bound up the law, and ye were delivered over unto darkness; these shall go away into outer darkness where there is weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Behold, the Lord your God hath spoken it. Amen.

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Whitmer accompanying Oliver Cowdery to Independence. 16 This revelation also contained instruction concerning the duties of the church Historian.

There has been some comment on this revelation by those who claim that it reflects on the honesty and trustworthiness of Oliver Cowdery; but when we reflect that his way lay hundreds of miles through a wild, half-civilized country, often beset with rogues and outlaws, we can see the wisdom of his having a trusted and true friend with him. Besides, there is no intimation in the revelation that the church was in danger of suffering loss because of Cowdery's unfaithfulness; but this precaution was for "Oliver Cowdery's sake"-for his protection and help.

Joseph continues:-

"My time was occupied closely in receiving the commandments and sitting in conference, for nearly two weeks; for we held from the first to the twelfth of November four special conferences. In the last, which was held at Brother Johnson's, in Hiram, after deliberate consideration, in consequence of the book of Revelations, now to be printed, being the foundation of the church in these last days and a benefit to the world, showing that the keys of the mysteries of the kingdom of our Savior are again intrusted to man; and the riches of eternity within the compass of those who are willing to live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, therefore the conference prized the revelations to be

16 l. Hearken unto me, saith the Lord your God, for my servant Oliver Cowdery's sake: it is not wisdom in me that he should be intrusted with the commandments and the moneys which he shall carry unto the land of Zion, except one go with him who will be true and faithful; wherefore I, the Lord, willeth that my servant John Whitmer should go with my servant Oliver Cowdery; and also that he shall continue in writing and making a history of all the important things which he shall observe and know concerning my church; and also that he receive counsel and assistance from my servant Oliver Cowdery, and others.
2. And also my servants who are abroad in the earth should send forth the accounts of their stewardships to the land of Zion, for the land of Zion shall be a seat and a place to receive and do all these things; nevertheless, let my servant John Whitmer travel many times from place to place, and from church to church, that he may the more easily obtain knowledge-preaching and expounding, writing, copying, selecting, and obtaining all things which shall be for the good of the church, and for the rising generations, that shall grow up on the land of Zion, to possess it from generation to generation, forever and ever. Amen.

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worth to the church the riches of the whole earth, speaking temporally. The great benefits to the world, which result from the Book of Mormon and the revelations, which the Lord has seen fit, in his infinite wisdom to grant unto us for our salvation, and for the salvation of all that will believe, were duly appreciated."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 512.

About this time Joseph received a revelation. 17

Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer, according to arrangement and commandment, left for Independence, and Joseph continued the translation of the Scriptures, Sidney Rigdon acting as scribe. While thus engaged,

17 l. Behold and hearken, O ye inhabitants of Zion, and all ye people of my church, who are far off, and hear the word of the Lord, which I give unto my servant Joseph Smith Jr., and also unto my servant Martin Harris, and also unto my servant Oliver Cowdery, and also unto my servant John Whitmer, and also unto my servant Sidney Rigdon, and also unto my servant William W. Phelps, by the way of commandment unto them, for I give unto them a commandment; wherefore hearken and hear, for thus saith the Lord unto them, I, the Lord, have appointed them, and ordained them to be stewards over the revelations and commandments which I have given unto them, and which I shall hereafter give unto them; and an account of this stewardship will I require of them in the day of judgment; wherefore I have appointed unto them, and this is their business in the Church of God, to manage them and the concerns thereof; yea, the benefits thereof.
2. Wherefore a commandment I give unto them, that they shall not give these things unto the church, neither unto the world; nevertheless, inasmuch as they receive more than is needful for their necessities, and their wants, it shall be given into my storehouse, and the benefits shall be consecrated unto the inhabitants of Zion, and unto their generations, inasmuch as they become heirs according to the laws of the kingdom.
3. Behold, this is what the Lord requires of every man in his stewardship, even as I, the Lord, have appointed, or shall hereafter appoint unto any man. And, behold, none are exempt from this law who belong to the church of the living God; yea, neither the bishop, neither the agent, who keepeth the Lord's storehouse; neither he who is appointed in a stewardship over temporal things; he who is appointed to administer spiritual things, the same is worthy of his hire, even as those who are appointed to a stewardship, to administer in temporal things; yea, even more abundantly, which abundance is multiplied unto them through the manifestations of the Spirit; nevertheless, in your temporal things you shall be equal, and this not grudgingly, otherwise the abundance of the manifestations of the Spirit shall be withheld.
4. Now this commandment I give unto my servants, for their benefit while they remain, for a manifestation of my blessings upon their heads and for a reward of their diligence, and for their security for food and for raiment, for an inheritance; for their houses and for lands, in whatsoever circumstances I, the Lord, shall place them; and whithersoever I, the Lord, shall send them, for they have been faithful over many things and have done well inasmuch as they have not sinned. Behold, I, the Lord, am merciful, and will bless them, and they shall enter into the joy of these things. Even so. Amen.

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they received a commandment to proclaim the gospel. 18

In consequence of this revelation they postponed the work of translation for a time, and went to Kirtland, where on Sunday, December 4, 1831, the elders assembled together for counsel and instruction.

While yet assembled a revelation was given in which Newel E. Whitney was called to the office of bishop and appointed to be bishop of Kirtland. 19

18 l. Behold, thus saith the Lord unto you, my servants, Joseph Smith, Jr., and Sidney Rigdon, that the time has verily come that it is necessary and expedient in me that you should open your mouths in proclaiming my gospel, the things of the kingdom, expounding the mysteries thereof out of the scriptures, according to that portion of spirit and power, which shall be given unto you, even as I will.
2. Verily I say unto you, Proclaim unto the world in the regions round about, and in the church also, for the space of a season, even until it shall be made known unto you. Verily this is a mission for a season which I give unto you; wherefore labor ye in my vineyard. Call upon the inhabitants of the earth, and bear record, and prepare the way for the commandments and revelations which are to come. Now, behold this is wisdom; whoso readeth let him understand and receive also; for unto him that receiveth it shall be given more abundantly, even power; wherefore, confound your enemies; call upon them to meet you, both in public and in private; and inasmuch as ye are faithful, their shame shall be made manifest. Wherefore let them bring forth their strong reasons against the Lord. Verily thus saith the Lord unto you, There is no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and if any man lift his voice against you, he shall be confounded in mine own due time; wherefore, keep my commandments: they are true and faithful. Even so. Amen.
19 1. Hearken, and listen to the voice of the Lord, O ye who have assembled yourselves together, who are the high priests of my church, to whom the kingdom and power has been given. For verily thus saith the Lord, It is expedient in me for a bishop to be appointed unto you or of you unto the church, in this part of the Lord's vineyard; and verily in this thing ye have done wisely, for it is required of the Lord, at the hand of every steward, to render an account of his stewardship, both in time and in eternity. For he who is faithful and wise in time is accounted worthy to inherit the mansions prepared for them of my Father. Verily I say unto you, The elders of the church in this part of my vineyard shall render an account of their stewardship unto the bishop which shall be appointed of me, in this part of my vineyard. These things shall be had on record, to be handed over unto the bishop in Zion and the duty of the bishop shall be made known by the commandments which have been given, and the voice of the conference.
2. And now, verily I say unto you, My servant Newel K. Whitney is the man who shall be appointed and ordained unto this power; this is the will of the Lord your God, your Redeemer. Even so. Amen.
3. The word of the Lord, in addition to the law which has been given, making known the duty of the bishop which has been ordained unto the church in this part of the vineyard, which is verily this: to keep the Lord's storehouse; to receive the funds of the church in this part of the vineyard; to take an account of the elders, as before has been commanded;

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Joseph continues the history by stating:-

"From this time till the 8th or 10th of January, 1832, myself and Elder Rigdon continued to preach in Shalersville, Ravenna, and other places, setting forth the truth, vindicating the cause of our Redeemer; showing that the day of vengeance was coming upon this generation like a thief in the night: that prejudice, blindness, darkness, filled the minds of many, and caused them to persecute the true church, and reject the true light; by which means we did much towards allaying the excited feelings which were growing out of the scandalous letters then being published in the 'Ohio Star,' at Ravenna, by the before-mentioned apostate, Ezra Booth."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 576.

and to administer to their wants, who shall pay for that which they receive, inasmuch as they have wherewith to pay, that this also may be consecrated to the good of the church, to the poor and needy; and he who hath not wherewith to pay, an account shall be taken and handed over to the bishop of Zion, who shall pay the debt out of that which the Lord shall put into his hands; and the labors of the faithful who labor in spiritual things, in administering the gospel and the things of the kingdom unto the church, and unto the world, shall answer the debt unto the bishop in Zion; thus it cometh out of the church for according to the law every man that cometh up to Zion must lay ail things before the bishop in Zion.
4. And now, verily I say unto you, That as every elder in this part of the vineyard must give an account of his stewardship unto the bishop in this part of the vineyard, a certificate from the judge or bishop in this part of the vineyard, unto the bishop in Zion, rendereth every man acceptable, and answereth all things, for an inheritance and to be received as a wise steward and as a faithful laborer; otherwise he shall not be accepted of the bishop in Zion. And now, verily I say unto you, Let every elder who shall give an account unto the bishop of the church, in this part of the vineyard, be recommended by the church, or churches in which he labors, that he may render himself and his accounts approved in all things. And again, let my servants who are appointed as stewards over the literary concerns of my church have claim for assistance upon the bishop, or bishops in all things, that the revelations may be published, and go forth unto the ends of the earth, that they also may obtain funds which shall benefit the church in all things, that they also may render themselves approved in all things, and be accounted as wise stewards. And now, behold, this shall be an ensample for all the extensive branches of my church, in whatsoever land they shall be established. And now I make an end of my sayings. Amen.
5. A few words in addition to the laws of the kingdom, respecting the members of the church; they that are appointed by the Holy Spirit to go up unto Zion, and they who are privileged to go up unto Zion. Let them carry up unto the bishop a certificate from three elders of the church, or a certificate from the bishop, otherwise he who shall go up unto the land of Zion shall not be accounted as a wise steward. This is also an ensample. Amen.

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On Tuesday, January 10,1832, a revelation was given commanding them to resume the translation. 20

Soon after another revelation was received. 21

There was a conference held sometime in the month of January, at Amherst, in Lorain County, Ohio, of which Joseph says:-

"A few days before the conference was to commence in Amherst, Lorain County, I started in company with the elders that dwelt in my own vicinity, and arrived in due time.

"At this conference much harmony prevailed and considerable business was done to advance the kingdom and promulgate the gospel to the inhabitants of the surrounding country.

"The elders seemed anxious for me to inquire of the Lord that they might know his will, or learn what would

20 1. For verily thus saith the Lord, It is expedient in me that they should continue preaching the gospel, and in exhortation to the churches, in the regions round about, until conference; and then, behold it shall be made known unto them, by the voice of the conference, their several missions.
2. Now, verily I say unto you, my servants Joseph Smith, Jr., and Sidney Rigdon, saith the Lord, It is expedient to translate again, and, inasmuch as it is practicable, to preach in the regions round about until conference, and after that it is expedient to continue the work of translation until it be finished. And let this be a pattern unto the elders until further knowledge, even as it is written. Now, I give no more unto you at this time. Gird up your loins and be sober. Even so. Amen.
21 1. For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband, else were your children unclean, but now are they holy.
2. For in the days of the apostles the law of circumcision was had among all the Jews who believed not the gospel of Jesus Christ. And it came to pass that there arose a great contention among the people concerning the law of circumcision, for the unbelieving husband was desirous that his children should be circumcised and become subject to the law of Moses, which law was fulfilled.
3. And it came to pass that the children being brought up in subjection to the law of Moses, and give heed to the traditions of their fathers, and believed not the gospel of Christ, wherein they become unholy; wherefore for this cause the apostle wrote unto the church, giving unto them a commandment, not of the Lord, but of himself, that a believer should not be united to an unbeliever, except the law of Moses should be done away among them, that their children might remain without circumcision; and that the tradition might be done away, which saith that little children are unholy, for it was had among the Jews; but little children are holy, being sanctified through the atonement of Jesus Christ; and this is what the scriptures mean.

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be most pleasing to him for them to do, in order to bring men to a sense of their condition; for, as it was written, all men have gone out of the way, so that none doth good; no not one."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 576.

In answer to this request a revelation was received. 22

22 1. Verily, verily I say unto you, I who speak even by the voice of my Spirit; even Alpha and Omega, your Lord and your God; hearken, O ye who have given your names to go forth to proclaim my gospel, and to prune my vineyard. Behold I say unto you, that it is my will that you should go forth and not tarry neither be idle, but labor with your mights, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, proclaiming the truth according to the revelations and commandments which I have given you, and thus if ye are faithful ye shall be laden with many sheaves, and crowned with honor, and glory, and immortality and eternal life.
2. Therefore, verily I say unto my servant William E. McLellin, I revoke the commission which I gave unto him, to go unto the eastern countries, and I give unto him a new commission and a new commandment, in the which I, the Lord, chasteneth him for the murmurings of his heart; and he sinned, nevertheless I forgive him, and say unto him again, Go ye into the south countries; and let my servant Luke Johnson go with him and proclaim the things which I have commanded them calling on the name of the Lord for the Comforter, which shall teach them all things that are expedient for them, praying always that they faint not; and inasmuch as they do this, I will be with them even unto the end. Behold, this is the will of the Lord your God concerning you. Even so. Amen .
3. And again, verily thus saith the Lord, Let my servant Orson Hyde and my servant Samuel H. Smith take their journey into the eastern countries, and proclaim the things which I have commanded them: and inasmuch as they are faithful, lo, I will be with them even unto the end. And again, verily I say unto my servant Lyman Johnson, and unto my servant Orson Pratt, They shall also take their journey into the eastern countries; and behold and lo, I am with them also even unto the end. And, again, I say unto my servant Asa Dodds and unto my servant Calves Wilson, that they also shall take their journey unto the western countries and proclaim my gospel even as I have commanded them. And he who is faithful shall overcome all things, and shall be lifted up at the last day. And again, I say unto my servant Major N. Ashly and my servant Burr Riggs, Let them take their journey also unto the south country; yea, let all those take their journey as I have commanded them, going from house to house, and from village to village, and from city to city; and in whatsoever house ye enter, and they receive you, leave your blessing upon that house; and in whatsoever house ye enter, and they receive you not, ye shall depart speedily from that house, and shake off the dust of your feet as a testimony against them; and you shall be filled with joy and gladness and know this, that in the day of judgment you shall be judges of that house, and condemn them; and it shall be more tolerable for the heathen in the day of .judgment, than for that house; therefore gird up your loins and be faithful and ye shall overcome all things and be lifted up at the last day. Even so. Amen.
4. And, again, thus saith the Lord unto you, O ye elders of my church who have given your names that you might know his will concerning you: Behold, I say unto you, that it is the duty of the church to assist in supporting the families of those who are called and must needs be sent unto the world to proclaim the gospel unto the world; wherefore, I,

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Upon his return from Amherst conference he resumed the translation of the Scriptures assisted by Sidney Rigdon as scribe.

It was while engaged in this work, on Thursday, February 16, 1832, that they saw the remarkable vision representing the different glories. 23

the Lord, give unto you this commandment, that ye obtain places for your families, inasmuch as your brethren are willing to open their hearts; and let all such as can, obtain places for their families, and support of the church for them, not fail to go into the world; whether to the east, or to the west, or to the north, or to the south, let them ask and they shall receive; knock and it shall be opened unto them, and made known from on high, even by the Comforter, whither they shall go.
5. And again, verily I say unto you, that every man who is obliged to provide for his own family, let him provide and he shall in no wise lose his crown; and let him labor in the church. Let every man be diligent in all things. And the idler shall not have place in the church, except he repents and mends his ways. Wherefore, let my servant Simeon Carter and my servant Emer Harris be united in the ministry. And also my servant Ezra Thayre and my servant Thomas B. Marsh. Also my servant Hyrum Smith and my servant Reynolds Cahoon; and also my servant Daniel Stanton and my servant Seymour Brunson; and also my servant Sylvester Smith and my servant Gideon Carter, and also my servant Ruggles Eames and my servant Stephen Burnett; and also my servant Micah B. Welton and also my servant Eden Smith. Even so. Amen.
23 l. Hear, O ye heavens, and give ear, O earth, and rejoice ye inhabitants thereof, for the Lord is God, and beside him there is no Savior; great is his wisdom; marvelous are his ways; and the extent of his doings none can find out; his purposes fail not, neither are there any who can stay his hand; from eternity to eternity he is the same, and his years never fail.
2. For thus saith the Lord, I, the Lord, am merciful and gracious unto those who fear me, and delight to honor those who serve me in righteousness and in truth unto the end; great shall be their reward, and eternal shall be their glory; and to them will I reveal all mysteries; yea, all the hidden mysteries of my kingdom from days of old; and for ages to come will I make known unto them the good pleasure of my will concerning all things pertaining to my kingdom; yea, even the wonders of eternity shall they know, and things to come will I show them, even the things of many generations; their wisdom shall be great, and their understanding reach to heaven; and before them the wisdom of the wise shall perish and the understanding of the prudent shall come to nought; for by my Spirit will I enlighten them, and by my power will I make known unto them the secrets of my will; yea, even those things which eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor yet entered into the heart of man.
3. We, Joseph Smith, Jr., and Sidney Rigdon, being in the Spirit on the sixteenth of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, by the power of the Spirit our eyes were opened and our understandings were enlightened, so as to see and understand the things of God; even those things which were from the beginning before the world was, which were ordained of the Father, through his only begotten Son, who was in the bosom of the Father, even from the beginning, of whom we bear record, and the record which we bear is the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the Son, whom we saw and with

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The work of translation continued until sometime in February, when Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon were mobbed and cruelly maltreated by a mob composed of jealous religionists and apostates. Whether it be admitted that the saints were right, in their doctrine and practice, or not, no better evidence need be required that their

whom we conversed in the heavenly vision; for while we were doing the work of translation, which the Lord had appointed unto us we came to the twenty-ninth verse of the fifth chapter of John, which was given unto us as follows: speaking of the resurrection of the dead, concerning those who shall hear the voice of the Son of Man, and shall come forth; they who have done good in the resurrection of the just, and they who have done evil in the resurrection of the unjust. Now this caused us to marvel, for it was given unto us of the Spirit, and while we meditated upon these things, the Lord touched the eyes of our understandings, and they were opened, and the glory of the Lord shone round about; and we beheld the glory of the Son, on the right hand of the Father, and received of his fullness; and saw the holy angels, and they who are sanctified before his throne, worshipping God and the Lamb, who worship him forever and ever. And, now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him that he lives; for we saw him, even on the right hand of God; and we heard the voice bearing record that he is the Only Begotten of the Father; that by him, and through him, and of him, the worlds are and were created; and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters unto God. And this we saw also, and bear record, that an angel of God, who was in authority in the presence of God, who rebelled against the only begotten Son; whom the Father loved, and who was in the bosom of the Father; and was thrust down from the presence of God and the Son, and was called Perdition; for the heavens wept over him; he was Lucifer, a son of the morning. And we beheld, and lo, he is fallen is fallen! even a son of the morning. And while we were yet in the Spirit, the Lord commanded us that we should write the vision, for we beheld Satan, that old serpent, even the Devil, who rebelled against God and sought to take the kingdom of our God and his Christ; wherefore he maketh war with the saints of God, and encompasses them round about. And we saw a vision of the sufferings of those with whom he made war and overcame, for thus came the voice of the Lord unto us.
4. Thus saith the Lord, concerning all those who know my power, and have been made partakers thereof, and suffered themselves, through the power of the Devil, to be overcome, and to deny the truth, and defy my power; they are they who are the sons of perdition, of whom I say it had been better for them never to have been born; for they are vessels of wrath, doomed to suffer the wrath of God, with the Devil and his angels in eternity, concerning whom I have said there is no forgiveness in this world nor in the world to come; having denied the Holy Spirit, after having received it, and having denied the only begotten Son of the Father; having crucified him unto themselves, and put him to an open shame: these are they who shall go away into the lake of fire and brimstone, with the Devil and his angels, and the only ones on whom the second death Shall have any power; yea, verily, the only ones who shall not be redeemed in the due time of the Lord, after the sufferings of his wrath; for all the rest shall be brought forth by the resurrection of the dead, through the triumph and the glory of the Lamb, who was slain,

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enemies were wrong and possessed of a wicked and devilish spirit than the fact that they resorted to such foul, vile. and disreputable measures. We read with horror of such things transpiring in the Dark Ages, but when we think of like things being resorted to by professors of religion (even though intended to suppress supposed wrong) in this boasted age of

who was in the bosom of the Father before the worlds were made. And this is the gospel, the glad tidings which the voice out of the heavens bore record unto us, that he came into the world, even Jesus to be crucified for the world, and to bear the sins of the world, and to sanctify the world, and to cleanse it from all unrighteousness; that through him all might be saved, whom the Father had put into his power, and made by him; who glorifies the Father, and saves all the works of his hands, except those sons of perdition, who deny the Son after the Father hath revealed him; wherefore he saves all except them; they shall go away into everlasting punishment, which is endless punishment, which is eternal punishment, to reign with the Devil and his angels in eternity where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched, which is their torment, and the end thereof, neither the place thereof, nor their torment, no man knows; neither was it revealed, neither is, neither will be revealed unto man, except to them who are made partakers thereof: nevertheless, I, the Lord, show it by vision unto many; but straightway shut it up again; wherefore the end, the width, the height, the depth, and the misery thereof, they understand not, neither any man except them who are ordained unto this condemnation. And we heard the voice saying, Write the vision, for lo, this is the end of the vision of the sufferings of the ungodly!
5. And again, we bear record for we saw and heard, and this is the testimony of the Gospel of Christ, concerning them who come forth in the resurrection of the just: They are they who received the testimony of Jesus, and believed on his name, and were baptized after the manner of his burial, being, buried in the water in his name, and this according to the commandment which he has given, that by keeping the commandments, they might be washed and cleansed from all their sins, and receive the Holy Spirit by the laying on of the hands of him who is ordained and sealed unto this power, and who overcome by faith, and are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise, which the Father sheds forth upon all those who are just and true; they are they who are the church of the Firstborn; they are they into whose hands the Father has given all things: they are they who are priests and kings, who have received of his fullness, and of his glory, and are priests of the Most High after the order of Melchisedec, which was after the order of Enoch, which was after the order of the only begotten Son; wherefore, as it is written, they are gods, even the sons of God; wherefore all things are theirs, whether life or death, or things present, or things to come, all are theirs, and they are Christ's, and Christ is God's; and they shall overcome all things; wherefore let no man glory in man, but rather let him glory in God, who shall subdue all enemies under his feet; these shall dwell in the presence of God and his Christ, forever and ever: these are they whom he shall bring with him, when he shall come in the clouds or heaven, to reign on the earth over his people; these are they who shall have part in the first resurrection; these are they who shall come forth in the resurrection of the just; these .are they who are come unto Mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly place, the holiest of all; these

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enlightenment, and under the flag of liberty and equal rights, we blush for humanity. It is a pity that the pages of history must be blotted by the record of such diabolical deeds.

We will allow Joseph to tell of this event and of his subsequent journey to Western Missouri:-

"According to previous calculations, we now began to

are they who have come to an innumerable company of angels; to the general assembly and the church of Enoch, and of the Firstborn; these are they whose names are written in heaven, where God and Christ are the judge of all; these are they who are just men made perfect through Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, who wrought out this perfect atonement through the shedding of his own blood; these are they whose bodies are celestial, whose glory is that of the sun, even the glory of God the highest of all; whose glory the sun of the firmament is written of as being typical.
6. And again, we saw the terrestrial world, and, behold, and lo, these are they who are of the terrestrial, whose glory differs from that of the church of the Firstborn, who have received the fullness of the Father even as that of the moon differs from the sun of the firmament. Behold these are they who died without law; and also they who are the spirits of men kept in prison, whom the Son visited, and preached the gospel unto them, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, who received not the testimony of Jesus in the flesh, but afterwards received it; these are they who are honorable men of the earth, who are blinded by the craftiness of men; these are they who receive of his glory, but not of his fullness, these are they who receive of the presence of the Son, but not of the fullness of the Father; wherefore they are bodies terrestrial, and not bodies celestial, and differ in glory as the moon differs from the sun; these are they who are not valiant in the testimony of Jesus; wherefore they obtained not the crown over the kingdom of our God. And now this is the end of the vision which we saw of the terrestrial, that the Lord commanded us to write while we were yet in the Spirit.
7. And again, we saw the glory of the telestial, which glory is that of the lesser, even as the glory of the stars differs from that of the glory of the moon in the firmament; these are they who received not the gospel of Christ, neither the testimony of Jesus; these are they who deny not the Holy Spirit; these are they who are thrust down to hell; these are they who shall not be redeemed from the Devil, until the last resurrection, until the Lord, even Christ the Lamb, shall have finished his work; these are they who receive not of his fullness in the eternal world, but of the Holy Spirit through the ministration of the terrestrial; and the terrestrial through the ministration of the celestial: and also the telestial receive it of the administering of angels, who are appointed to minister for them, or who are appointed to be ministering spirits for them, for they shall be heirs of salvation. And thus we saw in the heavenly vision the glory of the telestial which surpasses all understanding; and no man knows it except him to whom God has revealed it. And thus we saw the glory of the terrestrial, which excels in all things the glory of the telestial, even in glory and in power, and in might, and in dominion. And thus we saw the glory of the celestial, which excels in all things; where God, even the Father, reigns upon his throne forever and ever, before whose throne all things bow in humble reverence and give him glory forever and ever. They who dwell in his presence are the church of the Firstborn; and they see as they are seen, and know as they are known,

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make preparations to visit the brethren who had removed to the land of Missouri. Before going to Hiram to live with Father Johnson, my wife had taken two children (twins) of John Murdock, to bring up. She received them when only nine days old; they were now nearly eleven months. I would remark that nothing important had occurred since I came to reside in Father Johnson's house in Hiram; I had

having received of his fullness and of his grace; and he makes them equal in power and in might, and in dominion. And the glory of the celestial is one even as the glory of the sun is one. And the glory of the terrestrial is one, even as the glory of the moon is one. And the glory of the telestial is one, even as the glory of the stars is one, for as one star differs from another star in glory, even so differs one from another in glory in the telestial world; for these are they who are of Paul, and of Apollos, and of Cephas; these are they who say they are some of one and some of another, some of Christ, and some of John, and some of Moses, and some of Elias; and some of Esaias, and some of Isaiah, and some of Enoch, but received not the gospel, neither the testimony of Jesus, neither the prophets neither the everlasting covenant; last of all, these all are they who will not be gathered with the saints, to be caught up unto the church of the Firstborn, and received into the cloud; these are they who are liars, and sorcerers, and adulterers, and whoremongers, and whosoever loves and makes a lie; these are they who suffer the wrath of God on the earth; these are they who suffer the vengeance of eternal fire; these are they who are cast down to hell and suffer the wrath of Almighty God until the fullness of times when Christ shall have subdued all enemies under his feet, and shall have perfected his work, when he shall deliver up the kingdom and present it unto the Father spotless, saying: I have overcome and have trodden the wine press alone, even the wine press of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God; then shall he be crowned with the crown of his glory, to sit on the throne of his power to reign forever and ever. But, behold, and lo, we saw the glory and the inhabitants of the telestial world, that they were as innumerable as the stars in the firmament of heaven, or as the sand upon the seashore, and heard the voice of the Lord saying: These all shall bow the knee, and every tongue shall confess to him who sits upon the throne forever and ever; for they shall be judged according to their works; and every man shall receive according to his own works, and his own dominion, in the mansions which are prepared, and they shall be servants of the Most High, but where God and Christ dwell they cannot come, worlds without end. This is the end of the vision which we saw, which we were commanded to write while we were yet in the Spirit.
8. But great and marvelous are the works of the Lord and the mysteries of his kingdom which he showed unto us, which surpasses all understanding in glory, and in might, and in dominion, which he commanded us we should not write, while we were yet in the Spirit, and are not lawful for man to utter, neither is man capable to make them known, for they are only to be seen and understood by the power of the Holy Spirit which God bestows on those who love him and purify themselves before him; to whom he grants this privilege of seeing and knowing for themselves; that through the power and manifestation of the Spirit, while in the flesh, they may be able to bear his presence in the world of glory. And to God and the Lamb be glory, and honor, and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

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held meetings on the Sabbaths and evenings, and baptized a number. Father Johnson's son, Olmsted Johnson, came home on a visit, during which I told him if he did not obey the gospel the spirit he was of would lead him to destruction; and then [when] he went away, he would never return or see his father again. He went to the Southern States and Mexico; on his return took sick and died in Virginia. In addition to the apostate Booth, Simonds Rider, Eli Johnson, Edward Johnson, and John Johnson, Jr., had apostatized.

"On the 25th of March, the twins before-mentioned, which had been sick of the measles for some time, caused us to be broke of our rest in taking care of them, especially my wife. In the evening I told her she had better retire to rest with one of the children, and I would watch with the sickest child. In the night she told me I had better lay down on the trundle-bed, and I did so, and was soon after awoke by her screaming 'Murder!' when I found myself going out of the door, in the hands of about a dozen men; some of whose hands were in my hair, and some hold of my shirt, drawers, and limbs. The foot of the trundle-bed was towards the door, leaving only room enough for the door to swing.. My wife heard a gentle tapping on the windows which she then took no particular notice of, (but which was unquestionably designed for ascertaining whether we were all asleep,) and soon after the mob burst open the door and surrounded the bed in an instant, and, as I said, the first I knew I was going out of the door in the hands of an infuriated mob. I made a desperate struggle, as I was forced out, to extricate myself, but only cleared one leg, with which I made a pass at one man, and he fell on the doorsteps. I was immediately confined again; and they swore by God, they would kill me if I did not be still, which quieted me. As they passed around the house with me, the fellow that I kicked came to me and thrust his hand into my face, all covered with blood, (for I hit him on the nose,) and with an exulting horse-laugh, muttered: 'Ge, gee, God damn ye, I'll fix ye.'

"They then seized me by the throat, and held on till I lost my breath. After I came to, as they passed along with me, about thirty rods from the house, I saw Elder Rigdon

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stretched out on the ground, whither they had dragged him by the heels. I supposed he was dead.

"I began to plead with them, saying: 'You will have mercy and spare my life, I hope.' To which they replied: 'God damn ye, call on yer God for help, we'll show ye no mercy;' and the people began to show themselves in every direction: one coming from the orchard had a plank, and I expected they would kill me, and carry me off on the plank. They then turned to the right and went on about thirty rods further, about sixty rods from the house, and thirty from where I saw Elder Rigdon, into the meadow, where they stopped, and one said: 'Simonds, Simonds,'(meaning I supposed Simonds Rider,) 'pull up his drawers, pull up his drawers, he will take cold.' Another replied: 'A'nt ye going to kill 'im? A'nt ye going to kill 'im?' when a group of mobbers collected a little way off and said: 'Simonds, Simonds, come here;' and Simonds charged those who had hold of me to keep me from touching the ground (as they had done all the time) lest I should get a spring upon them. They went and held a council, and as I could occasionally overhear a word, I supposed it was to know whether it was best to kill me. They returned after awhile, when I learned that they had concluded not to kill me but pound and scratch me well, tear off my shirt and drawers, and leave me naked. One cried, 'Simonds, Simonds, where's the tar bucket?' 'I don't know,' answered one, 'where 'tis, Eli's left it.' They ran back and fetched the bucket of tar, when one exclaimed, 'God damn it, let us tar up his mouth;' and they tried to force the tar-paddle into my mouth; I twisted my head around, so that they could not; and they cried out: 'God damn ye, hold up yer head and let us give ye some tar.' They then tried to force a vial into my mouth, and broke it in my teeth. All my clothes were torn off me except my shirt collar; and one man fell on me and scratched my body with his nails like a mad cat, and then muttered out: 'God damn ye, that's the way the Holy Ghost falls on folks.'

"They then left me, and I attempted to rise, but fell again; I pulled the tar away from my lips, etc., so that I could breathe more freely. and after awhile I began to recover, and

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raised myself up, when I saw two lights. I made my way towards one of them, and found it was Father Johnson's. When I had come to the door, I was naked, and the tar made me look as though I had been covered with blood, and when my wife saw me she thought I was all mashed to pieces, and fainted. During the affray abroad the sisters of the neighborhood had collected at my room. I called for a blanket, they threw me one and shut the door; I wrapped it around me and went in.

"In the meantime, Brother John Poorman heard an outcry across the cornfield, and running that way met Father Johnson, who had been fastened in his house at the commencement of the assault, by having his door barred by the mob, but on calling to his wife to bring his gun, saying, he would blow a hole through the door, the mob fled, and Father Johnson seizing a club ran after the party that had Elder Rigdon, and knocked one man, and raised his club to level another, exclaiming: 'what are you doing here?' when they left Elder Rigdon and turned upon Father Johnson, who, turning to run towards his own house, met Brother Poorman coming out of the cornfield. Each supposing the other to be a mobber, an encounter ensued, and Poorman gave Johnson a severe blow on the left shoulder with a stick or stone, which brought him to the ground. Poorman ran immediately towards Father Johnson's, and arriving while I was waiting for the blanket, exclaimed: 'I'm afraid I've killed him.' Killed who? asked one; when Poorman hastily related the circumstances of the rencounter near the cornfield, and went into the shed and hid himself. Father Johnson soon recovered so as to come to the house, when the whole mystery was quickly solved concerning the difficulty between him and Poorman, who, on learning the facts, joyfully came from his hiding place.

"My friends spent the night in scraping and removing the tar, and washing and cleansing my body; so that by morning I was ready to be clothed again. This being Sabbath morning, the people assembled for meeting at the usual hour of worship, and among them came also the mobbers; viz.: Simonds Rider, a Campbellite preacher, and leader of the

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mob; one McClentic, son of a Campbellite minister; and Pelatiah Allen, Esq., who gave the mob a barrel of whiskey to raise their spirits; and many others. With my flesh all scarified and defaced, I preached to the congregation as usual, and in the afternoon of the same day baptized three individuals.

"The next morning I went to see Elder Rigdon, and found him crazy, and his head highly inflamed, for they had dragged him by his heels, and those too so high from the earth he could not raise his head from the rough frozen surface, which lacerated it exceedingly; and when he saw me he called to his wife to bring him his razor. She asked him what he wanted of it, and he replied to kill me. Sister Rigdon left the room, and he asked me to bring his razor. I asked him what he wanted of it, and he replied he wanted to kill his wife, and he continued delirious some days. The feathers which were used with the tar on this occasion, the mob took out of Elder Rigdon's house. After they had seized him and dragged him out, one of the banditti returned to get some pillows; when the women shut him in and kept him some time.

"During the mob, one of the twins received a severe cold, and continued to grow worse till Friday, and died. The mobbers were composed of various religious parties, but mostly Campbellites, Methodists, and Baptists, who continued to molest and menace Father Johnson's house for a long time. Elder Rigdon removed to Kirtland with his family, then sick with the measles, the following Wednesday, and on account of the mob, he went to Chardon on Saturday, April 1. Sunday, April 2, I started for Missouri, in company with Newel K. Whitney, Peter Whitmer, and Jesse Gauze, to fulfill the revelation. Not wishing to go by Kirtland, as another mob existed in that neighborhood, (and indeed, the spirit of mobocracy was very prevalent through the region of country at the time,) Brother George Pitkin took us in his wagon, by the most expeditious route to Warren, where we arrived the same day, and were there joined by Elder Rigdon, who left Chardon in the morning; and proceeding onward, we arrived at

(page 243)


Wellsville the next day, and the day following at Steubenville, where we left the wagon; and on Wednesday, the fifth of April, we took passage on board a steam packet for Wheeling, Virginia, where we purchased a lot of paper for the press in Zion, then in care of W. W. Phelps. . . .

"From Wheeling we took passage on board the steamer Trenton. While at the dock, during the night, the boat was twice on fire, burning the whole width of the boat through into the cabin, but with so little damage the boat went on in the morning; and when we arrived at Cincinnati, some of the mob which had followed us all the way round, left us, and we arrived at Louisville the same night; Captain Brittle offered us protection on board of his boat, and gave us supper and breakfast gratuitously. At Louisville, we were joined by Elder Titus Billings, who was journeying with a company of saints from Kirtland to Zion, and we took passage on the steamer Charleston for St. Louis, where we parted with Brother Billings and company, and by stage arrived at Independence, Missouri, on the twenty-fourth of April, a distance of about three hundred miles from St. Louis. We found the brethren generally enjoying health and faith, and extremely glad to welcome us among them.

"On the 26th I called a general council of the church, and was acknowledged as the president of the high priesthood, according to a previous ordination at a conference of high priests, elders, and members, held at Amherst, Ohio, on the twenty-fifth of January, 1832. The right hand of fellowship was given to me by the bishop, Edward Partridge, in behalf of the church. The scene was solemn, impressive, and delightful. During the intermission, a difficulty or hardness which had existed between Bishop Partridge and Elder Rigdon was amicably settled, and when we came together in the afternoon, all hearts seemed to rejoice."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, pp. 611, 612, 624.

During the month of March four revelations were given. 24

24 1. The Lord spake unto Enoch, saying, Hearken unto me saith the Lord your God, who are ordained unto the high priesthood of my church, who have assembled yourselves together, and listen to the counsel of him who has ordained you, from on high, who shall speak in your ears the

(page 244)


An incidental mention is made in the above historical statement of the ordination of Joseph as "president of the high priesthood," at Amherst, Ohio, on January 25,1832. This seems to be a very meager mention of so important an event, but we see that provision had been made for such an office, even before the church was organized; which the reader may see by referring to Doctrine and Covenants 17:17, where the person to hold such office is

words of wisdom, that salvation may be unto you in that thing which you have presented before me, saith the Lord God; for verily I say unto you, The time has come, and is now at hand; and, behold, and lo, it must needs be that there be an organization of my people, in regulating and establishing the affairs of the storehouse for the poor of my people, both in this place and in the land of Zion, or in other words, the city of Enoch for a permanent and everlasting establishment and order unto my church, to advance the cause which ye have espoused, to the salvation of man, and to the glory of your Father who is in heaven, that you may be equal in the bands of heavenly things; yea, and earthly things also, for the obtaining of heavenly things; for if ye are not equal in earthly things, ye cannot be equal in obtaining heavenly things; for if you will that I give unto you a place in the celestial world, you must prepare yourselves by doing the things which I have commanded you and required of you.
2. And now, verily thus saith the Lord, It is expedient that all things be done unto my glory, that ye should, who are joined together in this order; or in other words, let my servant Ahashdah, and my servant Gazelam, or Enoch, and my servant Pelagoram, sit in council with the saints which are in Zion; otherwise Satan seeketh to turn their hearts away from the truth, that they become blinded, and understand not the things which are prepared for them; wherefore a commandment I give unto you, to prepare and organize yourselves by a bond or everlasting covenant that cannot be broken.
3. And he who breaketh it shall lose his office and standing in the church, and shall be delivered over to the buffetings of Satan until the day of redemption. Behold, this is the preparation wherewith I prepare you, and the foundation, and the ensample, which I give unto you whereby you may accomplish the commandments which are given you that through my providence, notwithstanding the tribulation which shall descend upon you, that the church may stand independent above all other creatures beneath the celestial world, that you may come up unto the crown prepared for you, and be made rulers over many kingdoms, saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Zion, who hath established the foundations of Adam-ondi-Ahman; who hath appointed Michael, your prince, and established his feet, and set him upon high; and given unto him the keys of salvation under the counsel and direction of the Holy One, who is without beginning of days or end of life.
4. Verily, verily I say unto you, Ye are little children, and ye have not as yet understood how great blessings the Father has in his own hands, and prepared for you; and ye cannot bear all things now; nevertheless be of good cheer, for I will lead you along; the kingdom is yours and the blessings thereof are yours; and the riches of eternity are yours; and he who receiveth all things, with thankfulness, shall be made glorious, and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundredfold, yea, more; wherefore do the things which I have commanded you, saith

(page 245)


called "president of the high priesthood (or presiding elder)" This parenthetical clause explains and makes clear the clause in paragraph 1 of the same section, where it is said Joseph was called "to be the first elder of this church," etc. Thus the two are connected and the person to hold such position pointed out. Hence the ordination referred to is in harmony with provision made, and done also in harmony with the provision; viz., by direction of a General Conference, or it was as nearly a General Conference as circumstances would

your Redeemer, even the Son Ahman, who prepareth all things before he taketh you; for ye are the church of the Firstborn, and he will take you up in the cloud, and appoint every man his portion. And he that is a faithful and wise steward shall inherit all things. Amen.
1. Verily I say unto you, that it is my will that my servant Jared Carter should go again into the eastern countries, from place to place, and from city to city, in the power of the ordination wherewith he has been ordained, proclaiming glad tidings of great joy, even the everlasting gospel, and I will send upon him the Comforter which shall teach him the truth and the way whither he shall go; and inasmuch as he is faithful I will crown him again with sheaves; wherefore let your heart be glad, my servant Jared Carter, and fear not saith your Lord, even Jesus Christ. Amen.
1. Verily, thus saith the Lord, unto you, my servant Stephen Burnett, Go ye, go ye into the world, and preach the gospel to every creature that cometh under the sound of your voice, and inasmuch as you desire a companion I will give unto you my servant Eden Smith; wherefore go ye and preach my gospel, whether to the north, or to the south; to the east, or to the west, it mattereth not, for ye cannot go amiss; therefore declare the things which ye have heard and verily believe, and know to be true. Behold, this is the will of him who hath called you, your Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. Amen.
1. Verily, verily I say unto you, my servant, Frederick G. Williams Listen to the voice of him who speaketh, to the word of the Lord your God, and hearken to the calling wherewith you are called, even to be a high priest in my church, and a counselor unto my servant, Joseph Smith, Jr., unto whom I have given the keys of the kingdom, which belongeth always unto the presidency of the high priesthood; therefore, verily I acknowledge him and will bless him, and also thee, inasmuch as thou art faithful in council, in the office which I have appointed unto you, in prayer always vocally and in thy heart, in public and in private; also in thy ministry in proclaiming the gospel in the land of the living and among thy brethren; and in doing these things thou wilt do the greatest good unto thy fellow-beings, and will promote the glory of him who is your Lord; wherefore, be faithful, stand in the office which I have appointed unto you, succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees: and if thou art faithful unto the end thou shalt have a crown of immortality and eternal life in the mansions which I have prepared in the house of my Father. Behold, and lo, these are the words of Alpha and Omega, even Jesus Christ. Amen.

(page 246)


allow. A part of the church was far away in Missouri with no adequate means of transportation, but to make good this deficiency (if deficiency it was) he was, on Thursday, April 26, 1832, presented to the church in Missouri at a "general council of the church," and the action of the church at Amherst ratified.

In the last revelation referred to; viz., section 80, provision is also made for further perfecting the quorum of three presidents, which was afterwards consummated by the calling of F. G. Williams to be "a counselor unto my servant, Joseph Smith, Jr., unto whom I have given the keys of the kingdom, which belongeth always unto the presidency of the high priesthood" etc.

There is one point in the ordination at Amherst that may trouble some; viz., that this council of high priests ordained Joseph to a higher office than was held by themselves. But this is in harmony with the event mentioned before, where the office of elder in the Melchisedec priesthood was bestowed upon Oliver Cowdery under the hands of Joseph Smith, prior to Joseph's ordination; and also in harmony with the action of elders ordaining high priests at the June conference of 1831. These examples make it clear that those in whom the rights of priesthood exist may officiate in any ordination, where emergency demands and a command of God directs; though where the church is perfectly organized the general rule is for the greater to ordain the lesser.

At this council more instruction was received concerning the poor, and the enlargement of Zion. 25

25 1. Verily I say unto you, my servants, that inasmuch as you have forgiven one another your trespasses, even so I, the Lord, forgive you; nevertheless there are those among you who have sinned exceedingly; yea, even all of you have sinned, but verily I say unto you, Beware from henceforth and refrain from sin lest sore judgments fall upon your heads; for unto whom much is given much is required; and he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation. Ye call upon my name for revelations, and I give them unto you; and inasmuch as ye keep not my sayings which I give unto you, ye become transgressors, and justice and judgment is the penalty which is affixed unto my law; therefore what I say unto one I say unto all, Watch, for the adversary spreadeth his dominions and darkness reigneth; and the anger of God kindleth against the inhabitants of the earth; and none doeth good, for all have gone out of the way.

(page 247)


The council continued the next day, of which Joseph says:-

"On the 27th we transacted considerable business for the salvation of the saints, who were settling among a ferocious set of mobbers, like lambs among wolves. It was my endeavor to so organize the church that the brethren might eventually be independent of every incumbrance beneath the celestial kingdom, by bonds and covenants of mutual friendship and mutual love.

"On the 28th and 29th I visited the brethren above Big

2. And now, verily I say unto you, I, the Lord, will not lay any sin to your charge; go your ways and sin no more; but unto that soul who sinneth shall the former sins return, saith the Lord your God.
3. And again, I say unto you, I give unto you a new commandment, that you may understand my will concerning you, or, in other words, I give unto you directions how you may act before me, that it may turn to you for your salvation. I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.
4. Therefore, verily I say unto you, that it is expedient for my servant Alam and Ahashdah, Mahalaleel and Pelagoram, and my servant Gazelam, and Horah, and Olihah, and Shalemanasseh, and Mehemson, be bound together by a bond and covenant that cannot be broken by transgression except judgment shall immediately follow, in your several stewardships, to manage the affairs of the poor, and all things pertaining to the bishopric both in the land of Zion, and in the land of Shinehah, for I have consecrated the land of Shinehah in mine own due time for the benefit of the saints of the Most High, and for a stake to Zion; for Zion must increase in beauty, and in holiness; her borders must be enlarged; her stakes must be strengthened; yea, verily I say unto you, Zion must arise and put on her beautiful garments; therefore, I give unto you this commandment, that ye bind yourselves by this covenant, and it shall be done according to the laws of the Lord. Behold, here is wisdom, also, in me, for your good. And you are to be equal, or in other words, you are to have equal claims on the properties, for the benefit of managing the concerns of your stewardships, every man according to his wants and his needs, inasmuch as his wants are just; and all this for the benefit of the church of the living God, that every man may improve upon his talent, that every man may gain other talents; yea, even an hundredfold, to be cast into the Lord's storehouse, to become the common property of the whole church, every man seeking the interest of his neighbor, and doing all things with an eye single to the glory of God.
5. This order I have appointed to be an everlasting order unto you and unto your successors, inasmuch as you sin not; and the soul that sins against this covenant, and hardeneth his heart against it, shall be dealt with according to the laws of my church, and shall be delivered over to the buffetings of Satan until the day of redemption.
6. And now, verily I say unto you, and this is wisdom, Make unto yourselves friends with the mammon of unrighteousness, and they will not destroy you. Leave judgment alone with me, for it is mine and I will repay. Peace be with you; my blessings continue with you, for even yet the kingdom is yours, .and shall be forever if you fall not from your steadfastness. Even so. Amen.

(page 248)


Blue River, in Kaw Township, twelve miles west of Independence, and received a welcome only known by brethren and sisters united as one in the same faith, and by the same baptism, and supported by the same Lord. The Colesville branch, in particular, rejoiced as the ancient saints did with Paul. It is good to rejoice with the people of God. On the 30th I returned to Independence, and again sat in council with the brethren."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 625.

At this second council held on Monday, the 30th, a further communication was received. 26

Joseph continues:-

"Our council was continued on the first of May, when it was ordered that three thousand copies of the Book of Commandments be printed the first edition; that William W. Phelps, Oliver Cowdery, and John Whitmer be appointed to review and prepare such revelations as shall be deemed proper for publication, for the press, and print them as soon as possible, at Independence, Missouri; 'published by W. W. Phelps & Co.' It was also ordered that W. W. Phelps correct and print the hymns which had been selected by Emma Smith, in fulfillment of the revelation.

"Arrangements were also made for supplying the saints with stores in Missouri and Ohio, which with a few exceptions, was hailed with joy by the brethren. Before we left Independence, Elder Rigdon preached two most powerful discourses, which, so far as outward appearance is concerned, gave great satisfaction to the people.

"On the sixth of May I gave the parting hand to the brethren

26 1. Verily thus saith the Lord, in addition to the laws of the church concerning women and children, those who belong to the church, who have lost their husbands or fathers: Women have claim on their husbands for their maintenance until their husbands are taken; and if they are not found transgressors they shall have fellowship in the church; and if they are not faithful, they shall not have fellowship in the church; yet they may remain upon their inheritances according to the laws of the land.
2. All children have claim upon their parents for their maintenance until they are of age; and after that, they have claim upon the church; or, in other words, upon the Lord's storehouse, if their parents have not wherewith to give them inheritances. And the storehouse shall be kept by the consecrations of the church, that widows and orphans shall be provided for, as also the poor. Amen.

(page 249)


in Independence, and in company with Brothers Rigdon and Whitney commenced a return to Kirtland, by stage to St. Louis, from thence to Vincennes, Indiana; and from thence to New Albany, near the falls of the Ohio River. Before we arrived at the latter place the horses became frightened, and while going at full speed Bishop Whitney attempted to jump out of the coach, but having his coat fast, caught his foot in the wheel and had his leg and foot broken in several places; at the same time I jumped out unhurt, and we put up at Mr. Porter's public house, in Greenville, for four weeks, while Elder Rigdon went directly forward to Kirtland. During all this time Brother Whitney lost not a meal of victuals or a night's sleep, and Doctor Porter, our landlord's brother, who attended him, said it was a d-d pity we had not got some Mormon there, they can set broken bones or do anything else. I tarried with Brother Whitney and administered to him till he was able to be moved. While at this place I frequently walked out in the woods, where I saw several fresh graves; and one day when I rose from the dinner table I walked directly to the door and commenced vomiting most profusely. I raised large quantities of blood and poisonous matter, and so great were the muscular contortions of my system that my jaw was dislocated in a few moments. This I succeeded in replacing with my own hands, and made my way to Brother Whitney (who was on the bed) as speedily as possible; he laid his hands on me and administered in the name of the Lord, and I was healed in an instant, although the effect of the poison had been so powerful as to cause much of the hair to become loosened from my head. Thanks be to my heavenly Father for his interference in my behalf at this critical moment, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

"Brother Whitney had not had his foot moved from the bed for near four weeks, when I went into his room, after a walk in the grove, and told him if he would agree to start for home in the morning, we would take a wagon to the river, about four miles, and there would be a ferryboat in waiting which would take us quickly across, where we would find a hack which would take us directly to the landing,

(page 250)


where we should find a boat in waiting. and we will be going up the river before ten o'clock, and have a prosperous journey home. He took courage and told me he would go. We started next morning, and found everything as I had told him, for we were passing rapidly up the river before ten o'clock, and landing at Wellsville, took stage coach to Chardon, from thence in a wagon to Kirtland, where we arrived sometime in June." Times and Seasons, vol. 5, pp. 625, 626.

As soon after as affairs could be arranged the work of translating the Scriptures was resumed.

In June, the first number of the Evening and Morning Star, published at Independence, Missouri, by W. W. Phelps and Company, was issued. Of its first appearance in Kirtland, Ohio, Joseph writes:-

"In July we received the first number of the 'Evening and Morning Star,' which was a joyous treat to the saints. Delightful, indeed, was it to contemplate that the little band of brethren had become so large and grown so strong in so short a space as to be able to issue a paper of their own, which contained not only some of the revelations, but other information also, which would gratify and enlighten the humble inquirer after truth.

"So embittered was the public mind against the truth that the press universally had been arrayed against us; and although many newspapers published the prospectus of our new paper, yet it appeared to have been done more to calumniate the editor than give publicity to the sheet. Editors thought to do us harm, while the saints rejoiced that they could do nothing against the truth, but for it."-Times and, Seasons, vol. 5, p. 626.

As so much has been said regarding this publication by enemies of the church, it may be well here to produce an extract from the prospectus which had preceded this issue. The reader may see that the purpose in establishing a paper was to promulgate religious and moral principles; and not, as has been asserted, to interfere with political conditions or agitate political issues:-

"The Evening and the Morning Star, besides the secret of the Lord, which is now with them that fear him, and the everlasting

(page 251)


gospel, which must go to all nations, before the Holy One shall stand upon the Mount of Olivet, and upon the mighty ocean, even the great deep, and upon the islands of the sea, and upon the land of Zion, to destroy the wicked with the brightness of his coming,-will also contain whatever of truth or information that can benefit the saints of God temporally as well as spiritually, in these last days, whether in prose or poetry, without interfering with politics, broils, or the gainsayings of the world. While some may say this paper is opposed to all combinations under whatever plausible character, others will know that it is for an eternal union whose maker and supporter is God; thus all must be as they are, inasmuch as they that plow iniquity and sow wickedness reap the same; but wisdom is justified of her children."-Times and Seasons, vol. 5, pp. 610, 611.

The position taken by this the first publication issued by the church on "common schools" might be of interest to many:-

"The disciples should lose no time in preparing schools for their children, that they may be taught as is pleasing unto the Lord, and brought up in the way of holiness. Those appointed to select and prepare books for the use of schools, will attend to that subject, as soon as more weighty matters are finished. But the parents and guardians in the Church of Christ need not wait-it is all-important that children, to become good should be taught so. Moses, while delivering the words of the Lord to the congregation of Israel, the parents, says, 'And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in thy heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thy house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thy hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.' If it were necessary then to teach their children diligently, how much more necessary is it now, when the Church of Christ is to be an ensign, yea, even a sample to the world, for good? A word to the wise ought to be sufficient, for children soon become men and women. Yes, they are they that must follow us,

(page 252)


and perform the duties which not only appertain to this world, but to the second coming of the Savior, even preparing for the Sabbath of creation, and for eternity."-Evening Morning Star, vol. 1, pp. 7, 8.

In August and September the elders came to Kirtland from their several missions, and on Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23, 1832, to them was given the interesting revelation "On Priesthood." 27 This is

27 1. A revelation of Jesus Christ unto his servant Joseph Smith, Jr., and six elders, as they united their hearts and lifted their voices on high; yea, the word of the Lord concerning his church, established in the last days for the restoration of his people, as he has spoken by the mouth of his prophets, and for the gathering of his saints to stand upon Mount Zion, which shall be the city New Jerusalem; which city shall be built, beginning at the Temple Lot which is appointed by the finger of the Lord, in the western boundaries of the State of Missouri, and dedicated by the hand of Joseph Smith, Jr., and others, with whom the Lord was well pleased.
2. Verily, this is the word of the Lord, that the city New Jerusalem shall be built by the gathering of the saints, beginning at this place, even the place of the temple, which temple shall be reared in this generation; for verily, this generation shall not all pass away until an house shall be built unto the Lord, and a cloud shall rest upon it, which cloud shall be even the glory of the Lord, which shall fill the house. And the sons of Moses, according to the holy priesthood, which he received under the hand of his father-in-law, Jethro; and Jethro received it under the hand of Caleb; and Caleb received it under the hand of Elihu; and Elihu under the hand of Jeremy; and Jeremy under the hand of Gad; and Gad under the hand of Esaias; and Esaias received it under the hand of God; Esaias also lived in the days of Abraham and was blessed of him, which Abraham received the priesthood from Melchisedec; who received it through the lineage of his fathers, even till Noah; and from Noah till Enoch, through the lineage of their fathers; and from Enoch to Abel, who was slain by the conspiracy of his brother; who received the priesthood by the commandments of God, by the hand of his father Adam who was the first man; which priesthood continueth in the church of God in all generations, and is without beginning of days or end of years.
3. And the Lord confirmed a priesthood also upon Aaron and his seed throughout all their generations which priesthood also continueth and abideth forever, with the priesthood which is after the holiest order of God. And this greater priesthood administereth the gospel and holdeth the key of the mysteries of the kingdom, even the key of the knowledge of God. Therefore, in the ordinances thereof the power of godliness is manifest; and without the ordinances thereof, and the authority of the priesthood, the power of godliness is not manifest unto men in the flesh; for without this, no man can see the face of God, even the Father, and live.
4. Now, this Moses plainly taught to the children of Israel in the wilderness, and sought diligently to sanctify his people that they might behold the face of God; but they hardened their hearts, and could not endure his presence, therefore, the Lord, in his wrath (for his anger was kindled against them), swore that they should not enter into his rest while in the wilderness, which rest is the fullness of his glory. Therefore, he took Moses out of their midst and the holy priesthood also; and

(page 253)


an important revelation, containing much instruction and many glorious promises, and is a cheering recognition of

the lesser priesthood continued, which priesthood holdeth the key of the ministering of angels and the preparatory gospel, which gospel is the gospel of repentance and of baptism, and the remission of sins, and the law of carnal commandments, which the Lord, in his wrath, caused to continue with the house of Aaron, among the children of Israel until John, whom God raised up, being filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother's womb: for he was baptized while he was yet in his childhood and was ordained by the angel of God at the time he was eight days old unto this power: to overthrow the kingdom of the Jews, and to make straight the way of the Lord before the face of his people; to prepare them for the coming of the Lord, in whose hand is given all power.
5. And again, the office of elder and bishop are necessary appendages belonging unto the high priesthood. And again, the offices of teacher and deacons are necessary appendages belonging to the lesser priesthood, which priesthood was confirmed upon Aaron and his sons.
6. Therefore, as I said concerning the sons of Moses-for the sons of Moses and also the sons of Aaron shall offer an acceptable offering and sacrifice in the house of the Lord, which house shall be built unto the Lord in this generation upon the consecrated spot, as I have appointed; and the sons of Moses and of Aaron shall be filled with the glory of the Lord upon Mount Zion in the Lord's house, whose sons are ye; and also many whom I have called and sent forth to build up my church; for whoso is faithful unto the obtaining these two priesthoods of which I have spoken and the magnifying their calling, are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies: they become the sons of Moses and of Aaron, and the seed of Abraham, and the church and kingdom and the elect of God; and also all they who receive this priesthood receiveth me, saith the Lord, for he that receiveth my servants receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth my Father, and he that receiveth my Father receiveth my Father's kingdom. Therefore, all that my Father hath shall be given unto him; and this is according to the oath and covenant which belongeth to the priesthood. Therefore, all those who receive the priesthood receive this oath and covenant of my Father, which he cannot break, neither can it be removed; but whoso breaketh this covenant, after he hath received it, and altogether turneth therefrom, shall not have forgiveness of sins in this world nor in the world to come. And all those who come not unto this priesthood, which ye have received, which I now confirm upon you who are present, this day, by mine own voice out of the heavens, and even I have given the heavenly hosts and mine angels charge concerning you.
7. And now I give unto you a commandment to beware concerning yourselves, to give diligent heed to the words of eternal life; for you shall live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God. For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light, and whatsoever is light is Spirit, even the Spirit of Jesus Christ; and the Spirit giveth light to every man that cometh into the world; and the Spirit enlighteneth every man through the world, that hearkeneth to the voice of the Spirit; and every one that hearkeneth to the voice of the Spirit, cometh unto God, even the Father; and the Father teacheth him of the covenant which he has renewed and confirmed upon you which is confirmed upon you for your sakes, and not for your sakes only but for the sake of the whole world: and the whole world lieth in sin and groaneth under darkness and under the bondage of sin: and by this you may know they are under the bondage of sin, because they come not

(page 254)


their arduous labors, which they had performed by much sacrifice and under adverse circumstances.

unto me; for whoso cometh not unto me is under the bondage of sin; and whoso receiveth not my voice is not acquainted with my voice, and is not of me; and by this you may know the righteous from the wicked, and that the whole world groaneth under sin and darkness even now.
8. And your minds in times past have been darkened because of unbelief, and because you have treated lightly the things you have received, which vanity and unbelief hath brought the whole church under condemnation. And this condemnation resteth upon the children of Zion, even all; and they shall remain under this condemnation until they repent and remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon and the former commandments which I have given them, not only to say, but to do according to that which I have written, that they may bring forth fruit meet for their Father's kingdom, otherwise there remaineth a scourge and a judgment to be poured out upon the children of Zion; for, shall the children of the kingdom pollute my holy land? Verily, I say unto you, Nay.
9. Verily, verily I say unto you, who now have my words, which is my voice, Blessed are ye inasmuch as you receive these things: for I will forgive you of your sins with this commandment, that you remain steadfast in your minds in solemnity, and the spirit of prayer, in bearing testimony to all the world of those things which are communicated unto you.
10. Therefore, go ye into all the world, and whatsoever place ye cannot go into, ye shall send, that the testimony may go from you into all the world, unto every creature. And as I said unto mine apostles, even so I say unto you; for you are mine apostles, even God's high priests: ye are they whom my Father hath given me; ye are my friends; therefore, as I said unto mine apostles, I say unto you again, that every soul who believeth on your words, and is baptized by water for the remission of sins shall receive the Holy Ghost; and these signs shall follow them that believe:
11. In my name they shall do many wonderful works; in my name they shall cast out devils: in my name they shall heal the sick: in my name they shall open the eyes of the blind, and unstop the ears of the deaf: and the tongue of the dumb shall speak: and if any man shall administer poison unto them, it shall not hurt them: and the poison of a serpent shall not have power to harm them. But a commandment I give unto them, that they shall not boast themselves of these things, neither speak them before the world: for these things are given unto you for your profit and for salvation.
12. Verily, verily, I say unto you, They who believe not on your words, and are not baptized in water, in my name, for the remission of their sins, that they may receive the Holy Ghost, shall be damned, and shall not come into my Father's kingdom, where my Father and I am. And this revelation unto you, and commandment, is in force from this very hour upon all the world, and the gospel is unto all who have not received it. But verily I say unto all those to whom the kingdom has been given, From you it must be preached unto them that they shall repent of their former evil works: for they are to be upbraided for their evil hearts of unbelief: and your brethren in Zion for their rebellion against you at the time I sent you.
13. And again I say unto you my friends (for from henceforth I shall call you friends), It is expedient that I give unto you this commandment, that ye become even as my friends in days when I was with them traveling to preach this gospel in my power; for I suffered them not to have

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purse or scrip, neither two coats; behold, I send you out to prove the world, and the laborer is worthy of his hire. And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom and fail not to continue faithful in all things shall not be weary in mind neither darkened neither in body limb or joint; and an hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst.
14. Therefore, take no thought for the morrow, for what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink or wherewithal ye shall be clothed; for consider the lilies of the field how they grow, they toil not, neither do they spin; and the kingdoms of the world in all their glory are not arrayed like one of these; for your Father who art in heaven knoweth that you have need of all these things. Therefore let the morrow take thought for the things of itself. Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.
15. Therefore let no man among you (for this commandment is unto all the faithful who are called of God in the church unto the ministry) from this hour take purse or scrip that goeth forth to proclaim this gospel of the kingdom. Behold I send you out to reprove the world of all their unrighteous deeds and to teach them of a judgment which is to come. And whoso receiveth you there will I be also; for I will go before your face: I will be on your right hand and on your left and my Spirit shall be in your hearts and my angels round about you to bear you up.
16. Whoso receiveth you receiveth me and the same will feed you and clothe you and give you money. And he who feeds you or clothes you or gives you money, Shall in no wise lose his reward: and he that doeth not these things is not my disciple: by this you may know my disciples. He that receiveth you not go away from him alone by yourselves and cleanse your feet even with water, pure water, whether in heat or in cold, and bear testimony of it unto your Father which is in heaven and return not again unto that man. And into whatsoever village or city ye enter do likewise. Nevertheless search diligently and spare not; and woe unto that house or that village or city that rejecteth you or your words or testimony concerning me. Woe I say again unto that house or that village, or city that rejecteth you or your words or your testimony of me; for I the Almighty have laid my hands upon the nations to scourge them for their wickedness; and plagues shall go forth and they shall not be taken from the earth until I have completed my work which shall be cut short in righteousness until all shall know me who remain even from the least unto the greatest and shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord and shall see eye to eye and shall lift up their voice and with the voice together sing this new song saying:-
17. The Lord hath brought again Zion:
The Lord hath redeemed his people Israel,
According to the election of grace
Which was brought to pass by the faith
And covenant of their fathers.
The Lord hath redeemed his people,
And Satan is bound, and time is no longer:
The Lord hath gathered all things in one:
The Lord hath brought down Zion from above:
The Lord hath brought up Zion from beneath:
The earth hath travailed and brought forth her strength;
And truth is established in her bowels;
And the heavens have smiled upon her;
And she is clothed with the glory of her God:
For he stands in the midst of his people:

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Glory, and honor, and power, and might
Be ascribed to our God, for he is full of mercy
Justice, grace and truth, and peace,
Forever and ever, Amen.
18. And again, verily, verily I say unto you, It is expedient, that ever man who goes forth to proclaim mine everlasting gospel, that inasmuch as they have families, and receive moneys by gift, that they should send it unto them, or make use of it for their benefit, as the Lord shall direct them, for thus it seemeth me good. And let all those who have not families, who receive moneys, send it up unto the bishop in Zion, or unto the bishop in Ohio, that it may be consecrated for the bringing forth of the revelations and the printing thereof, and for establishing Zion.
19. And if any man shall give unto any of you a coat, or a suit, take the old and cast it unto the poor, and go your way rejoicing. And if any man among you be strong in the Spirit, let him take with him he that is weak, that he may be edified in all meekness, that he may become strong also.
20. Therefore, take with you those who are ordained unto the lesser priesthood, and send them before you to make appointments, and to prepare the way and to fill appointments that you yourselves are not able to fill. Behold, this is the way that mine apostles, in ancient days, built up my church unto me.
21. Therefore, let every man stand in his own office, and labor in his own calling; and let not the head say unto the feet it hath no need of the feet, for without the feet how shall the body be able to stand? Also, the body hath need of every member, that all may be edified together, that the system may be kept perfect.
22. And, behold, the high priests should travel, and also the elders, and also the lesser priests, but the deacons and teachers should be appointed to watch over the church, to be standing ministers unto them church.
23. And the bishop, Newel K. Whitney, also, should travel round about and among the churches, searching after the poor, to administer to their wants by humbling the rich and the proud; he should also employ an agent to take charge and to do his secular business, as he shall direct; nevertheless, let the bishop go unto the city of New York, and also to the city of Albany, and also to the city of Boston, and warn the people of those cities with the sound of the gospel, with a loud voice, of the desolation and utter abolishment which awaits them if they do reject these things; for if they do reject these things, the hour of their judgment is nigh, and their house shall be left unto them desolate. Let him trust in me, and he shall not be confounded, and an hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed.
24. And verily I say unto you, the rest of my servants, Go ye forth as your circumstances shall permit, in your several callings, unto the great and notable cities and villages, reproving the world, in righteousness, of all their unrighteous and ungodly deeds, setting forth clearly and understandingly the desolation of abomination in the last days; for with you, saith the Lord Almighty, I will rend their kingdoms; I will not only shake the earth, but the starry heavens shall tremble; for I, the Lord, have put forth my hand to exert the powers of heaven; ye cannot see it now, yet a little while ye shall see it, and know that I am, and that I will come and reign with my people. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Amen.

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